New Oriental Education and Technology Group

Richard Bahadoor, Director New Oriental Education and Technology Group LtdFor  over 20 Years New Oriental has helped Chinese students achieve their dreams of  studying at their ideal overseas universities.   The Monash University Foundation Year facilitates the realization of  this dream and develops the skills that will help our students become  successful citizens and professionals: critical thinking, application of  concepts, effective communication, creativity, teamwork and perseverance. We  are proud to partner with Monash College to bring this high quality program to our  students.

Richard Bahadoor
Director – New Oriental Education and Technology Group Ltd

Choosing New Oriental

Through achieving high academic performance in the Foundation Year Program, students can gain direct access to Monash University, all Australian universities and some UK universities without the need for separate English language testing scores. New Oriental is the exclusive Chinese partner for the  Monash  University  Foundation  Year  Program.

New Oriental is committed to giving each student the highest quality of service and success by providing excellent client care, quality facilities, teachers that are highly experienced with the needs of Chinese students (Overseas Testing), student support services, and nation leading visa and university  application  services  (Vision  Overseas).    High achieving students are often given internship opportunities to further develop their skills.

Campus and Facilities

Our three campuses have been selected to ensure optimal learning environments hosted in some of China's leading public and private institutions.  Students are provided with access to laboratories, libraries and sports facilities.