We care about all our Diploma students and want to make sure you achieve your best. We provide academic and personal support during your studies so you are ready for university.

Academic support

Our Diploma program offers academic language development to help you learn skills and techniques you will need at university. These include:

  • academic writing styles
  • writing and reading comprehension
  • referencing and citation methods
  • English language development.

Academic workshops and support:

  • weekly mathematics support workshops
  • arts, business and engineering workshops (as required)
  • teaching support outside of class time
  • feedback on assessments
  • online access to teaching resources
  • testing in first two weeks to identify areas for improvement.
a male teacher is sitting with a female student explaining complex maths problems, outside of class
Our teachers are here to support you, even outside of class time.


We have a team of dedicated and enthusiastic staff members ready to help you at any time. These include:

  • learning consultants to support and assist students with academic and welfare issues
  • student counsellor on site to provide personal and emotional support
  • student administration team to help with procedures, enquiries and forms
  • teaching and learning team leaders to monitor attendance, results and students falling behind
  • student welfare support coordinator to assist students under 18
  • dedicated teachers who are employed by the College and the University.

Enrolment and orientation

The Diploma enrolment and orientation program runs for one week. Settle in, make new friends and become familiar with Monash College and Monash University. Activities include:

  • meet your teachers and student leaders
  • team building
  • cultural awareness
  • introduction to support services and resources
  • introduction to policies and procedures.
female student in a pink t-shirt is sitting in a group of students laughing and clapping her hands together. They are participating in an orientation activity
Orientation activities are fun and a great way to make new friends.

Get Connected

Get Connected is a program developed for Monash College Diploma students. It runs at the beginning of every trimester. It provides you with an opportunity to make friends, learn new skills and have fun. This program includes many activities such as:

  • cooking classes
  • arts and crafts classes
  • sport
  • drawing classes.

Activities and social events

Male student sitting outside at a table with two female students studying. It is a bright sunny day and there is a tree in the background
You will learn important study skills like independent learning.

There are lots of other activities that you can get involved in:

  • Monash College Engineering club (open to all Diploma students)
  • student publication, Our Voice
  • volunteering
  • conversation classes
  • weekend trips
  • mentor program.

Celebrating success

We think it is very important to celebrate your success – we are proud of your achievements! We reward academic excellence with certificates, display your success on honour boards and hold celebration ceremonies.