Learning Consultants

Learning Consultants provide academic, learning and personal support for all diploma students. Learning Consultants also work closely with your teachers, the Student Counsellor and the Student Welfare Support Coordinator, to provide you with learning strategies that work for both Monash College and tertiary study.

A Learning Consultant can assist you if you need:

  • Personal support, including referrals to our student counsellor, health and accommodation services
  • Assistance with academic language and learning skills
  • Assistance using study time efficiently and effectively
  • Coaching for verbal/oral presentations
  • Referrals to Teachers, Unit Leaders, Teaching & Learning Team Leaders for Business, Arts & Engineering
  • Referrals to the Academic Manager and Subject Coordinator for  Art & Design students;
  • Assistance with Academic Progress Committee (APC); this includes Student Response Forms
  • Academic Warning Letters
  • Intermission
  • Underloading
  • Attendance
  • Maths support
  • Information and advice relating to your study load, course progression and pathways into Monash University and other tertiary institutions.

Drop in during the following times (No appointment is necessary)

What is a drop in session?
A Drop-in session (10-15 minutes) gives a Diploma student an opportunity to talk to a Learning Consultant about general matters on a daily basis throughout the trimester.


  • Building 73 Room B.16, Monday - Friday 2pm to 3pm,
  • Building 79p staff room, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 2pm -3pm


  • Art and Design students, B5.25, Tuesdays and Thursdays 2pm – 3pm

Or email from Monday to Friday from 9am -5pm for an appointment: Learning.Consultant@monashcollege.mcpl.edu.au

Student Welfare Support Coordinator

Our Student Welfare Support Coordinator, Laura Swift, will be an important point of contact for you during your time with us.

The Student Welfare Support Coordinator can:

  • Help you connect with the College and local community
  • Get you involved with activities and events
  • Assist you to adjust to the College and living away from home
  • Refer you to relevant support services
  • Assist you with any Under 18 matters

If you have any questions or just want to have a chat, please contact Laura by emailing laura.swift@monashcollege.mcpl.edu.au.



Student life can be exciting and at times prove challenging. Living and studying in a new country can be difficult for some students. Counselling can bring relief and help you understand and manage issues in your personal life and relationships, their impact on your studies and/or adjustment to a new culture and campus life.

Monash College understands much of this experience and provides a free and confidential Counselling Service for all Monash College students.

The counselling service is based at the Clayton and Melbourne City campuses. Students can choose to either drop in or book an appointment online by emailing counselling@mcpl.edu.au during business hours.

An After Hours Counselling Service can be accessed by dialling 1800 725 315. In case of urgency, you can call Lifeline on 131114.


Legal Services

A range of legal services are available, should you require assistance or advice during your time as a student. The following services are free for students:

In case of emergency

In case of emergency please call:

000 for ambulance, fire, police.

9905 3333 for campus security.

If its late and you need help, call 1800 725 315. This is a special after hours telephone number for Monash College students.