We want you to succeed. Our learning and teaching activities will support you to achieve your goals. Student care services and support programs are available any time you need help to do your best.

Academic support

three students in a classroom having a discussion with a male teacher
Our teachers are here to help you achieve your goals

Our English courses offer language development to help you learn skills and techniques you'll need for your Monash College or Monash University course. You'll have access to:

  • online learning materials to practise outside of class
  • academic and language development workshops to ask questions and further develop the skills you learn in class
  • individual learning plans developed with your English teachers and the Director of Studies
  • regular consultations and personalised feedback from your teachers
  • IELTS exam preparation workshops.

Student care and activities

We want to make sure you enjoy your time here. There are lots of activities and support programs for you, starting with enrolment and orientation

Student leadership program

When you start, you will be supported by student leaders who will help you settle in. During your program, you can become a mentor and share your knowledge and experience with new students. This will help you learn valuable leadership skills.

Different cultures

four happy students from different countries walking together down a busy Melbourne street
You will make new friends from all around the world

Study with students from all over the world. This mix of cultures will make your time here exciting and interesting. It will also give you a great opportunity to practise your English. You will develop a strong group of friends. This network will be very useful when you are at university and starting your career.

Student care

We have a team of student counsellors ready to provide you with the support you need, when you need it. You'll have access to:

Student experience

gymnasium with a group of students playing basketball
Get involved and join a sporting team or club

We have a student experience team that arranges activities and events during your studies. We want to make sure you make friends and have fun while you are in Melbourne. You can talk to the team at our weekly drop-in sessions. Get involved with:

  • cultural celebrations such as Chinese New Year
  • student leadership program
  • events with other Monash College programs
  • meet and greet activities.

Transitioning to Monash College and Monash University

To make sure you are ready for your course, we will help you become familiar with:

  • Monash College and Monash University campuses
  • The Monash teaching and learning style
  • University procedures and practices
  • University culture.

Find out more about student support at Monash College.