A virtual experience shared together

Students from Japan, China and South Korea to take part take part in English and Global Careers Program

 A virtual experiences shared together

Monash College runs a diverse range of customised programs to further the professional development of universities, schools, government departments, and industry partners worldwide. This year, the English and Global Careers Program (EGCP) invited 89 students from more than 20 institutions across Japan, China and South Korea to take part.

The EGCP is a short-term study abroad experience delivered by the Monash English team. The three week intensive course helps students develop casual and professional communication skills, while exploring topics such as sustainable development, culture, media, and global business. Students are also able to participate in extracurricular activities, like English language and leadership workshops.

Kotaro Ito, Senior Business Development Manager – Study Groups reported that “students identified the quality of our Monash College teachers, the Virtual Classroom experience, and the opportunity to develop language skills and meet students from other countries as highlights of the program. The program has opened up new programs and partnership possibilities for the future,” Kotaro said.

EGCP participant Samson, from Harbin Engineering University in China, said: “This program was a brand new experience and broadened my horizons. I met many great people and learned about cultural differences and solving problems in real life.”

Monash University Japanese Studies students took the opportunity to meet virtually with Japanese Study Group participants. Dr. Shimako Iwasaki, who lectures in Japanese Studies at Monash University, has found the connection to the EGCP important in building relationships between international institutions and developing language skills for her students.

“Monash College and the Japanese Studies program have developed an innovative and collaborative learning environment,” Dr. Iwasaki said.

“Thanks to the hard work of my Monash College colleagues, together we’re able to coordinate and deliver sessions that encourage the College’s Japanese Study Group students to interact with Monash University students. It’s an opportunity to practise language skills and develop friendships between international and local students. Due to the limited access to native speakers, it can be challenging for students to put their Japanese language skills to the test.”