My Story with Chai Poovaviranon

Meet the staff who make Monash College tick. This episode introduces Chai, eLearning Resource Designer, whose job it is to make education fun for students!

My journey to the College and my role

Chai Poovaviranon e-Learning Designer at Monash CollegeIn 2010, I started my career in the education industry while I was doing my Master in Multimedia as an international student. My previous workplace, eWorks, offered me full-time work once I finished university and  sponsored me to get citizenship here in 2014. As an international student, this was a rare opportunity. So, I worked really hard to prove that I could make an impact on the organisation.

Oh. I come from Bangkok, Thailand. The city which will excite you at every minute. It never sleeps. It has great shopping. And it has food everywhere.

How education has made an impact on my life

I believe that education can change lives. It has already changed mine. Before I moved here, I used to work for an advertising agency, Leo Burnett Bangkok for 6 years as an Account Manager. Mostly, I worked with people, planned and developed communication strategies and managed projects. As a second  language speaker, English was my huge burden to carry on this career path.

So, I changed my path from management to design and programming. I studied design and basic programing from scratch. At university, I worked very hard to deliver the best projects as much as I could. Then, one of my lecturers, Andrew Lay, recommended me to eWorks. My journey in education started then.

My College moment

I think I have two projects that I'm very proud of. First is the upgrade of our Learning Management System (Moodle). I got an opportunity to design and develop to enhance our students' experience.

The other one is The Staff Forum 2016. I think I was very fortunate to be part of this project from the beginning till the end. For example establishing the big idea, executing design and producing all digital materials and running the AV sequence throughout the event. The feedback from our staff was  very positive which made me feel really happy. I can't thank my team enough who have supported me this far.