Failure, Future and Focus: preparing students for success

More than 100 students and industry professionals recently gathered at the Melbourne International Student Conference to learn, innovate and collaborate and support their personal and professional development.

The conference was established in 2014 as a joint partnership between the City of Melbourne and Meld Community. The key focus of this year’s conference was Failure, Future and Focus. International and local students met with industry representatives from Monash University, Peace Lab, Arrive & Thrive, Outcome.Life and Campus Consultancy.

Monash College facilitated a workshop titled The Leap Beyond Study, specially designed and presented by Dr. Elizabeth Snuggs, Senior Lecturer, Bachelor of International Business at Monash Business School. Dr Snuggs shared her insight into strategically planning for future career goals and aspirations.

“Elizabeth’s workshop was very enlightening for my career planning because it clearly tells me what skills I need to have in the future,” said Yue Xu, Monash College student.

“The day was incredibly beneficial in terms of motivating us, learning how to deal with failure and providing insight into the future beyond university,” said Caleb Ooi, Monash College student. “We learnt that failure is just part of our life, it is inevitable. Failure does not mean the end of the world, it just means that our methods or goals need to change.”

Thank you to Dr Snuggs for her hard work and commitment in successfully designing and delivering a workshop which provided  these  students with the practical advice they needed.