Monash College Ranks High for International Students

In the ever-evolving landscape of international education, quantifying and assessing the student experience has never been more important to ensure we’re delivering on our commitments to students.

Managed by English Australia on behalf of the Department of Education, Skills and Employment, the biennial English Language Barometer Survey paints a detailed picture of the student experience.

The survey, which is delivered to international students studying English language courses in Australia, recorded a total of 6,140 students responses from over 40 English language centre locations throughout Australia.

Here’s how Monash College performed:

  • Ranked second in student satisfaction among 42 participating schools.
  • Highest scores in campus buildings, campus environment, technology, internet access, online library, virtual onboarding, and social activities.
  • Top three providers for arrival factors.
  • Top three providers for learning factors.
  • Top three providers for living factors.
  • Top three providers for support-related factors.

Jennifer Coster, Director of English, shared her perspective on the survey results and the English language learning experience amidst the challenges of recent years.

“In spite of the challenges of recent years, student satisfaction with their English language learning has significantly improved and remains high,” Jenni said.

“We’ve been ranked second across all providers with a 98.9% overall satisfaction rate. This is amazing, and honestly, not surprising. We employ some of the best teachers in the country, have some of the best facilities, and our students are well supported by various teams throughout their time at the College.”

Highlighting the College’s commitment to continuous improvement, Jenni stated, "We're leaders in what we do because we're always looking for ways to improve our offerings. We’re currently reviewing all feedback and looking for ways to improve and enhance the student experience.”