Monash College wins international recognition for eLearning

Monash College is the winner of the International 2017 Team Learning Technologist of the Year.

Monash College Central eLearning Team (CeLT) was announced winners at the Association for Learning Technology (ALT) Annual Conference on Wednesday night in Liverpool (UK).

The award recognises the team’s collaborative and innovative approaches to learning design, integration of technology in the classroom, embedding new tools such Turnitin and ALP, leveraging Moodle to its full capacity and our recent successes in Diplomas with learning analytics.

“We were all so happy and proud. This is a truly Monash College team award. If it were not for the support of the Senior Leadership Team, all our teaching teams, central services teams as well as the Board, there would be no CeLT and we would not have the resources to do the work we do,” said Associate Director, eLearning Kulari Lokuge.

The award is a great achievement for the team and an endorsement for the superior support provided to our teaching teams and students.

“I like to thank you for all your guidance and support throughout this journey,” said Kulari.

Congratulations to the eLearning team for the efforts in strengthening Monash teaching practice.​

Monash College wins international recognition for eLearning