Supporting students’ success

The Monash College Careers Team is preparing students for their careers through interactive employability workshops.

Helping students become career ready is vital in our competitive day and age.

Our Careers Adviser, Rachel Rabayov and Business Diploma Teaching and Learning Team Leader, Mohan Nair ran a successful interactive workshop in March on Resume Writing and Interview Skills.

Over 50 students participated in the workshop and the feedback was that they found it helpful, engaging and insightful. They learnt about developing key employability skills as well as tips to help them prepare for casual, volunteer and internship positions.

We shared inspiring recruiting insights from CEOs and senior managers of various global giants, such as McDonalds, Deloitte and KPMG.

Daniel, one of the students said "I learnt that employability skills can be developed anywhere I go. We don't get taught these career ready tips and skills at school usually and I can't wait to apply them in an interview."

Stay tuned for what's coming up next!

The careers team plan on running future sessions, tailored to the needs of our students ranging from guest industry speakers to more career focused workshops.