Policy Changes for COVID-19

Due to the COVID-19 health emergency, Monash College has made temporary changes to some of its academic policies and procedures to help manage responses to the crisis. These changes have either been approved directly by the College’s Academic Board or by program-level academic policy owners under delegation from the Academic Board as follows:

  • Admission (Director Governance)
  • Enrolment and progression (Director Governance)
  • Academic progress (Director English, Director Foundation Year, Director Diploma)
  • Attendance (Director English, Director Foundation Year, Director Diploma)
  • Assessment (Director Governance).

Current changes

The following list is subject to change and may be updated from time to time.

Admission Policy

In line with Monash University’s Admission Policy, students impacted by COVID-19 can be accepted under one of the following scenarios:

  • Incomplete final examinations – awarding qualification obtained (predictive results awarded)
  • Incomplete final examinations – awarding qualification not obtained.
  • American Admission Tests with incomplete American High School Diploma or equivalent.
  • Incomplete Bachelor’s qualification due to final semester examination cancellations.
  • Extending the approved English test validity to three years.
  • Predicted results to meet course prerequisite requirements.
  • Changes to documentation requirements.
Effective date: 27 April 2020 onwards

Assessment Procedure – Foundation Year

As well as its usual processes for validating assessment results, the College will review grade distributions in every Foundation Year unit and compare these to past results for that unit. If it’s found that the results in the current period have been impacted, grades will be adjusted in students’ favour so as to not disadvantage them in their transition to Monash University.

Further details are available here.

Effective date: 9 May 2020, for results achieved in Semester 1, 2020 

Academic Progress and Intervention Diplomas Policy and Procedure

A Late Withdrawn grade that has been amended from a Fail grade may be treated as equivalent to a Fail grade for the purposes of enacting any part of the Academic Progress and Intervention Diplomas Policy or Procedure, if the relevant decision maker specified in the policy or procedure has reason to believe that it is in the student’s best interests or that there is an equally compelling reason to do so.

If a Late Withdrawn grade is used in this way, the decision maker is responsible for recording the rationale for the decision and ensuring relevant evidence is maintained on the student’s file.

Such decisions will also be recorded and reported via the standard APC reporting process.

Effective date: 25 June 2020, for results achieved in Trimester 1, 2020 onwards

Foundation Year Academic Integrity Procedure

During delivery of Monash College programs via the Virtual Classroom, sections 6 and 7 of the procedure, relating to the Academic Integrity Meeting, will be satisfied if the student is notified by email of the details listed in section 6.1 of the procedure and is given at least three business days to respond by email and:

  • explain the alleged breach and evidence collected
  • provide evidence to support their explanation.

No meeting will be required, although Monash College may request a teleconference to assist in determining an outcome. If the student does not respond in the time specified, then the investigation outcome will be determined on the prima facie evidence available.

Effective date: 24 August 2020, for Semester 2 onwards.

Development and Implementation of an Assessment Regime Diplomas Procedure

Diploma Part 2 students who fail a unit will be eligible for a Late Withdrawal so that their failed unit is not counted towards their exit score. This option will not be available to students who have been found guilty of academic misconduct in the unit.

For any Part 2 internal assessments or exams with a threshold hurdle, this hurdle will be lowered to 40.

Effective date for change to Fail grades: 9 May 2020, for Trimester 1, 2020 onward. Updated: 21 August 2020, to exclude units failed due to academic misconduct, effective immediately for Trimester 2, 2020 onwards; clarified on 19 April 2021 to include all failed units involving academic misconduct.

Effective date for change to assessment thresholds: 15 October 2020, for Trimester 3, 2020 (to be reviewed following Trimester 3).

Enrolment Policy

Students in Monash College award courses may undertake study at other institutions which contributes to the completion of their Monash College course, provided this is endorsed by the Academic Board or a delegated authority, based on a formal assessment that the proposed external study is equivalent to Monash College curriculum for the purpose credit recognition.

Students undertaking such study must remain concurrently enrolled at Monash College. After completing the approved external study, the student or other institution must submit an official statement of results to Monash College to finalise recognition of the academic outcome.

International students subject to ESOS requirements who undertake external study must be enrolled in a sufficient study load to be able to complete their course within the duration specified on their CoE, unless compassionate and compelling circumstances apply as described in Standard 8 of the National Code of Practice for Providers of Education and Training to Overseas Students 2018.

Effective date: 15 February 2021 onwards

Assessment Policy

Special Consideration Criteria for Technical Issues

Prior to sitting an in-class assessment, test or examination online, students are expected to:

  • ensure their computer is working, fully charged and connected to the internet
  • have alternative ways to connect to the internet wherever possible
  • have ensured that they can login to their Monash account on all devices
  • have installed software and applications relevant to the assessment.

Students may be asked for evidence of the following in support of their application:

  • Evidence demonstrating the issue (such as screenshots or photos)
  • Evidence of having made genuine attempts to resolve the issue and / or submit the assessment
  • Evidence of having contacted the appropriate College appropriate support services as directed in the assessment instructions.

Applications will not be considered in cases where students have failed to adhere to the Monash College BYOD for Students Guideline or where the issue could have been prevented, or the effects minimised, with reasonable diligence by students.

Special Consideration Based on Documents Issued Outside Australia

Requirements for Special Consideration evidence available only in Australia will be waived for students who are currently studying offshore, provided comparable local evidence is provided.

Examples include:

  • Medical certificates that would ordinarily need to be issued by an APHRA-registered doctor or other health practitioner.
  • Documents not in English that would ordinarily need to be accompanied by a NAATI-certified translation.

Effective date: 6 June 2021 onwards