Diploma of Applied Data Science

The Diploma of Applied Data Science will introduce you to your first steps into the world of big data and how data can be used to understand the world’s problems. Data science is a field in high demand worldwide and can be applicable across a wide range of fields such as digital humanities, consulting, cybersecurity, law, scientific research, marketing, robotics, engineering, business analytics, and banking.

How the program works

Our diplomas are in two parts. In part 1, you’ll study core Science subjects. In part 2, you’ll study the same subjects as first‑year University students and develop your specialist knowledge.


  • group projects
  • oral presentations
  • poster presentations
  • tutorial assessments
  • a final exam

Course information

Destination2nd year Applied Data Science at Monash University
AQF LevelLevel 5

Clayton/Bourke Street/Docklands*

*Subject to regulatory approvals.

Mode of studyOn campus
DurationPart 1: 9 months
Part 2: 9 months
IntakesFebruary, June and October
Study areaSpecialist: Science
What you will studyPart 1: complete 8 core units
Part 2: complete 6 core units and 2 electives
Contact hours5 - 7 hours per unit, per week

Part 1: 60% in Mathematics Australian Year 11 (or equivalent) and 60% in one of Science subject Australian Year 11 (or equivalent)

Part 2: 25 in units 3 and 4 in Australian Year 12 Mathematical Methods or Specialist Mathematics AND Australian Year 12 equivalent in one of Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Geography, Physics or Psychology.

What it costsSee our dates and fees page for details.
CRICOS Course Code0101958

Course structure and units

Trimester 1: 4 monthsTrimester 2: 4 months
Introductory Engineering Computing  
Introductory Chemistry
Introductory Physics
Introductory Mathematics                  
Introductory Biology
Chemistry A    
Physics A
Intermediate Mathematics

Download the Diploma of Applied Data Science

Trimester 1: 4 monthsTrimester 2: 4 months
Data Challenges 1
Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science
Advanced Mathematics
Elective stream, choose from:
   - Chemistry 1 
   - Blue Prints of Life (Biology 1)
   - Introduction to Computer Systems, Networks
and Security
   - Business Statistics
Data Challenges 2
Introduction to Algorithms and Programming
Mathematics for Engineering
Elective stream, choose from:
   - Chemistry 2
   - Life on Earth (Biology 2)
   - Foundations of 3D
   - Engineering Design: Cleaner, Safer, Smarter
   - Physics for Engineering

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What careers can a Diploma of Applied Data Science lead you to?

Digital humanities    
Scientific research
Business analytics