Monash English Bridging

Monash English Bridging (MEB) can help you achieve the English language requirements to pursue your academic ambition at Monash University or Monash College. It is your stepping stone to a top 100 ranked university1 in the world. This program has been designed for students who have met the academic requirements for Monash, but who have narrowly missed the English language requirements. Upon successful completion of the Monash English Bridging program, you will gain direct entry into a Monash University degree or Monash College diploma2.

With Monash English Bridging, you will learn to develop the English language and academic skills required for pursuing diplomas, undergraduate, graduate and higher degrees of research courses at Monash – without the need to sit for an IELTS test.

We understand your goal is to achieve the best education possible to help you succeed in your future career. From day one at Monash College, we focus on getting you ready for it. We’ll teach you the skills you need to succeed in your higher education and in the workplace.

Hear about the Monash English Bridging (MEB) program

What can you gain from Monash English Bridging?

  • Benefit from learning subject-specific language terms specific to your diploma area or degree program and be better prepared to meet the English standards required for your destination courses
  • Gain confidence in academic skills from the improvement of English proficiency
  • Improve interpersonal and communication skills
  • Expand social skills and be part of an international community
  • Study with like-minded students with similar destination courses
  • Adjust to an Australian-university educational culture which will help you feel more confident about studying and living abroad
  • Feel more supported through a personalised learning plan and the ability to track your own progress via the Learning Management System
  • Feel less pressured to prepare for exams, with more class time and time for your teachers to provide targeted feedback on your learning and progress

Course content

As a Monash English Bridging student, you’ll develop the skills required to prepare you for your Monash College or Monash University program to:

  • Communicate effectively in social conversations, academic discussions and presentations
  • Improve your grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation
  • Improve your writing, reading and listening skills
  • Understand, apply and explain theories in your diploma area or degree program
  • Write summaries and short reports in an academic style
  • Understand and use Australian academic conventions
  • Learn how to respond to feedback
  • Become a self-directed learner

Course assessment

Throughout the program you will be expected to complete both small group assessments and individual assessments. At the end of the program, there will be an exam period. Students who fail an assessment task may be able to re-sit3 the task during the exam period, providing you with more chances for success. Students who are unsuccessful in passing the MEB program will be able to repeat the assessment module of MEB (the final ten weeks only) as long as you meet the repeat criteria.

1Times Higher Education Ranking. 2Entry requirements to Monash College and Monash University apply. 3Exam re-sit criteria apply.

Course information

DurationDiplomas: 10, 15 or 20 weeks
University: 10, 15 or 20 weeks
The program duration depends on the level of your English language skills.
CampusDocklands campus from the second half of 2021 or online through Monash College's Virtual Classroom, or a mix of on-site and online learning in line with Victorian Government COVID-19 restrictions.
Contact hours^20 hours per week + 15 hours extra study
Class timetable*

Monday – Friday

10:00 am - 2:00 pm and 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm 

Please note that we are unable to accommodate individual student timetable requests.

Start dates

MEB program start dates have been aligned to Monash College and Monash University course start dates. Destination course start dates will not be impacted. In the case of MEB for University, students have the flexibility to choose from a longer and shorter break period before the start of their destination course.

Classroom size

We have a limit of 18 students in our classes, and our classes are designed to maximise your use of English throughout the day. You will receive dedicated support from your teachers in a dynamic learning environment. You will bring your laptop to class everyday so you can access the interactive material we have designed to support your learning.


^For intensive programs students will study 30 hours per week for the first 10 weeks of their program.

*Timetable reflects the virtual classroom and daylight savings.

What your week might look like as a Monash English Bridging student (example timetable)

Class 11.30am-1:30pm and 2.30pm-4.30pmClass 11.30am-1:30pm and 2.30pm-4.30pmClass 11.30am-1:30pm and 2.30pm-4.30pmClass 11.30am-1:30pm and 2.30pm-4.30pmClass 11.30am-1:30pm and 2.30pm-4.30pm
Participate in a Learning Skills Adviser workshop on paraphrasing Attend an individual consultation with your teacher Join a Conversation Circle in the Library and Learning Centre Work on personalised learning plan Participate in the music club 

Download the latest MEB Program booklet here.

The Monash English Bridging (MEB) Program is equivalent to the English Degree Program (EDP) in Suzhou.
The Monash English Bridging (MEB) Program is available for students enrolling in a Masters course at Monash Indonesia. Find out more about the MEB Program in Indonesia here.
Graduate Research accepts the Monash English Bridging (MEB) pathway for most faculties at Monash University Australia, Indonesia and Suzhou. More information can be found here.