Global Professionals Program

A study abroad program with a difference

The Global Professionals Program provides undergraduate students with a learning experience which helps build their Global Perspective, Global Professional Skills and Cross-Cultural Capability. Students will gain exposure to real business, learn through discovery and experiential activities and topical case studies, and they will participate in discussions, present their learnings, and practice observation and reflection skills. They will have the opportunity to experience life in multicultural Melbourne through living with a host family.

Program focus

Global perspective

When learners develop a broader perspective and are able to draw links between their lives and people from other cultures, they build better problem solving capability. Being exposed to life and business in Australia, a multicultural western economy located in the Asia Pacific, provides a good basis for comparison.

Cross-cultural capability

Developing self-awareness and awareness of others in a cultural context, focusing on both social and business environments.

Global professional skills

Developing effective communication, team work, leadership, problem solving, critical and analytical thinking, networking, presentation skills.

Cultural and business engagement

Providing exposure to Monash University, guest speakers, Immigration Museum, company visits.

Program type

  • Short term (3-4 weeks)
  • 2 week program: 2 week core program
  • 3 week program: 2 week core program plus 1 week professional skills
  • 4 week program: 2 week core program plus 1 week professional skills and 1 week project (part-time)
  • Non-Monash credit bearing, client institution may offer credit.

Program eligibility

  • All undergraduate year levels, but particularly 2nd-4th year students
  • Academic background – all disciplines
  • Minimum IELTS 5.5 (or equivalent)
  • Students with an interest in working globally or developing their global perspective.

Monash College - Study group experts

  • Monash College is a recognised leader in providing customised programs for international students in Australia
  • Trainers in the Global Professionals Program are experts in professional skills development for international students
  • Monash College is a private company owned by Monash University, one of the world's top 100 universities.*.

* Times Higher Education World University Rankings (2017-2018

Testimonials from Global Professionals Program participants

Global Professionals Program participants

Learn more about the program and it's benefits with our videos and student reports from previous study groups.

Program outcomes

Global perspective

  • Enhance one's global perspective through learning the political, social and economic foundations of Australia, a multicultural western economy positioned in the Asia Pacific.
  • Discover how global perspectives can be applied to everyday situations.
  • Learn how understanding different perspectives can assist with solving problems and devising solutions.
  • Gain exposure to macro trends impacting organisations worldwide.

Global professional skills

  • Enhance global professional skills through developing team work, self-management and communication skills.
  • Experience exploring and navigating a new city to build confidence and competence to interact in a social or business context.
  • Work in teams to gain insight into the different roles people play and working with people from different cultures and communication styles.
  • Practice networking skills and build awareness of the importance of personal brand.

Cross-Cultural Capability

  • Contribute to career success through building human capital (what you know) and social capital (who knows you, interpersonal skills, confidence etc.).
  • Identify differences in cultural constructs through comparative studies, and how it relates on an individual level and broader society.
  • Learn about the importance of appreciating and valuing difference (including collectivist and individualist cultures) and strategies for inclusion.

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