Monash Maths Bridging is for domestic students who narrowly miss the mathematics prerequisite for a Monash University undergraduate degree in:

  • Engineering
  • Science
  • Business and Economics.

Monash Maths Bridging provides you with the knowledge, essential skills and methods to meet the mathematics prerequisite for your chosen Monash University course.

If you successfully pass the Monash Maths Bridging course, and you meet all other course entry requirements you will be considered for a Round 2 offer.

NOTE: Once you have completed the Monash Maths Bridging course, first round offers will have been made, but you do have the opportunity to reorder your preferences between round one and two offers being released. Be aware that you can receive only one offer per offer round and this  will  be  for your highest eligible preference. You should ensure you are happy with the ordering of course preferences in your VTAC application.

Monash Maths Bridging is only accepted by Monash University. It does not provide credit for other institutions.

Course details

This is a short, full-time course with our expert tutors providing the teaching and guidance you need.

  • Study face-to-face, full-time for four weeks, Monday – Friday, 9.30am to 3pm.
  • Classes are taught at Monash College City campus, level 3, 222 Bourke St, Melbourne.
  • 20 contact hours per week plus 10 hours of homework and self-directed study.
  • Assessment includes exams and a group assignment.

Entry requirements

Domestic students

A study score of 20-24 in VCE Mathematics Methods Units 3&4. You must also meet all other entry requirements for a Monash University engineering, science or business and economics undergraduate degree.

Expected Knowledge

Background knowledge and skills in algebra, graph sketching, elementary functions such as polynomial and trigonometric functions, and introductory calculus are essential. Time will not be spent introducing background knowledge and skills. The course will focus on immediate application and development.

What you will study

Mathematics Bridging explores the properties of functions and their graphs, calculus processes of differentiation and antidifferentiation, and the application of these properties and processes.

You will study:

  • functions and their graphs and inverse functions
  • exponential, logarithmic and circular functions
  • techniques and applications of calculus.

Course Outcomes

At the end of this unit you will be able to:

  1. Recognise functions, sketch their graphs and be familiar with their properties.
  2. Solve polynomial, exponential, logarithmic and trigonometric equations, including applications in word problems.
  3. Identify the properties of inverse functions and be able to solve mathematical problems using these properties.
  4. Calculate average and instantaneous rates of change, including the use of the differentiation process for the functions relevant to this unit.
  5. Apply differentiation techniques in the solution of problems.
  6. Find indefinite integrals for specified functions, evaluate definite integrals and use these techniques to solve problems.


Assessment Task Weighting
Task 1: Test 10%
Task 2: Test 10%
Task 3: Test 10%
Final Examination 70%

The examination is a handwritten examination, which is supervised at the Monash College City Campus, Level 3, 222 Bourke Street, Melbourne.

Grades and certification

You will receive your grades for Monash Maths Bridging after the final examination has been marked. You will receive a certificate with your grades. Successful completion of the subject with a mark of at least 50% will be required for the subject to count as an equivalent prerequisite to VCE Mathematical  Methods  3&4  at Monash University.

Entry to Monash University

If you successfully pass the Monash Maths Bridging course, you will be considered to have met the mathematic prerequisite for selected Business and Economics, Engineering, Information Technology or Science degrees at Monash University. If you meet all other course entry requirements you will be considered  for  a  Round 2 offer into your chosen course.

Should you receive a Main Round offer prior to completion of the Monash Maths Bridging course you are encouraged to accept that offer to ensure you do not lose your place. If you receive a Round 2 offer you can choose to withdraw from your Main Round offer and take up the Round 2 offer.

Please refer to the VTAC Frequently Asked Questions for more information:

Monash University courses that accept Monash Maths Bridging


Course Name Faculty Monash Course Code VTAC code
Bachelor of Science Science S3002 2800328651
Bachelor of Science Advanced - Research (Honours) Science S2000 2800328651
Bachelor of Science/Arts Science S2006 2800328211
Bachelor of Science/Biomedical Science Science S2007 2800328831
Bachelor of Science/Computer Science Science S2004 2800328641
Bachelor of Science/Global Studies Science S2003 2800328181
Bachelor of Science/Music Science S2005 2800311061

Business and Economics

Course Name Faculty Monash Course Code VTAC code
Bachelor of Accounting Business and Economics B20031 2800210501
Bachelor of Actuarial Science Business and Economics B20041 2800310531
Bachelor of Banking and Finance Business and Economics B20032 2800210511
Bachelor of Business Business and Economics B2000 2800227081
Bachelor of Business/Accounting Business and Economics B20131 2800211101
Bachelor of Business/Arts Business and Economics B2019 2800227511
Bachelor of Business/Banking and Finance Business and Economics B20132 2800211111
Bachelor of Business/Information Technology Business and Economics B2017 2800210881
Bachelor of Business/Marketing Business and Economics B20133 2800211121
Bachelor of Business Specialist/Arts Business and Economics B2012 2800210731
Bachelor of Business Specialist/Information Technology Business and Economics B2018 2800210891
Bachelor of Commerce Business and Economics B2001 2800328061
Bachelor of Commerce/Actuarial Science Business and Economics B20141 2800311071
Bachelor of Commerce/Arts Business and Economics B2020 2800328201
Bachelor of Commerce/Economics Business and Economics B20142 2800311081
Bachelor of Commerce/Finance Business and Economics B20143 2800311091
Bachelor of Commerce/Biomedical Science Business and Economics B2021 2800328961
Bachelor of Commerce/Computer Science Business and Economics B2008 2800310901
Bachelor of Commerce/Global Studies Business and Economics B2006 2800328141
Bachelor of Commerce/Information Technology Business and Economics B2025 2800310911
Bachelor of Commerce/Music Business and Economics B2022 2800328911
Bachelor of Commerce/Science Business and Economics B2023 2800328701
Bachelor of Commerce Specialist/Arts Business and Economics B2024 2800310661
Bachelor of Commerce Specialist/Computer Science Business and Economics B2009 2800310921
Bachelor of Commerce Specialist/Information Technology Business and Economics B2015 2800310761
Bachelor of Commerce Specialist/Science Business and Economics B2016 2800310811
Bachelor of Economics Business and Economics B20042 2800310541
Bachelor of Finance Business and Economics B20043 2800310551
Bachelor of International Business Business and Economics B20034 2800810471
Bachelor of Marketing Business and Economics B20033 2800210521


Course Name Faculty Monash Course Code VTAC code
Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering (Honours) Engineering E3001 2800328001
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) Engineering E3001 2800328091
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)/Architectural Design Engineering E3009 2800329401
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)/Arts Engineering E3002 2800328441
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)/Biomedical Science Engineering E3004 2800328811
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)/Commerce Engineering E3005 2800328291
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)/Commerce Specialist Engineering E3003 2800311021
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)/Computer Science Engineering E3010 2800311391
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)/Design Engineering E30061 2800328671
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)/Information Technology Engineering E3011 2800311401
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)/Pharmaceutical Science Engineering E3008 2800328861
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)/Science Engineering E3007 2800328271
Bachelor of Software Engineering (Honours) Engineering E3001 2800328551

Information Technology

Course Name Faculty Monash Course Code VTAC code
Bachelor of Computer Science Information Technology C2001 2800328231
Bachelor of Computer Science Advanced Information Technology C3001 2800310401

Dates and fees

Start date: Wednesday 4 January 2017
Final exam: Monday 30 January 2017
Fee: $1,200 (This course is not available for FEE-HELP.)


Applications close at 5pm on 20 December 2016.

Apply today