English as a medium of instruction

Program Aim and Objectives

The programme is aimed at lecturers or teachers in higher education who are lecturing/teaching subjects in English. It is designed for lecturers whose first language is not English but who have a strong command of English (minimum IELTS 6.0).

This program will:

  • review the key elements of planning and delivery of lecturers, seminars and workshops
  • focus on common challenges for lecturers and students and provide solutions
  • develop English language communication skills in the teaching role
  • develop an understanding of Content and Language Led Learning and provide strategies and skills to support it
  • provide opportunities to practice the skills learnt and receive feedback and guidance.

English language teacher Ramiro with students

Program Outcomes and Key Benefits

At the end of the course, participants will be:

  • more confident in planning and delivering lectures, seminars and workshops in English
  • better at communicating to second language learners in English
  • better equipped to understand learners and how to support their learning in English
  • able to support other lecturers to develop their knowledge and skills in English as a Medium of Instruction.

Customised Program

This is a tailored program that takes into consideration the context of the participating teachers. We will customise the course for each participating organisation based on needs we identify through research into the teachers and the organisation’s leadership.

The program is collaborative, with participants involved in micro teaching with each other. Participants provide feedback to each other on classroom teaching and how it felt as a learner.

Program Evaluation

We use participants' feedback collected during and after the course to measure the effectiveness of the program.

Reports on each candidate will be provided at the end of the course including feedback on teaching performance.

Course Outline

The following are the key units and contents covered in the course.

Unit Content
EMI Basics Common challenges and solutions
Lecturing Lecture styles
Structuring and staging a lecture
Clear communication (language and phonology)
Using technology
Engaging students
Seminars and Workshops Planning
Structuring and staging
Managing student interactions
Praise and correction
CLIL Introduction to Content and Language Led Learning
Skills and strategies to aid language development
Learner training
Practice Peer teaching
Feedback and development plans

Program Details

Duration: 40 hours
Format: Face-to-face
Location: Based on client need

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