Undergraduate Certificate in Applied Data Science

The Undergraduate Certificate in Applied Data Science develops your technical know-how in being able to approach data challenges and prepares you for entry level positions in fields like consulting, cybersecurity, law, scientific research, marketing, robotics, engineering, business analytics, and banking.

The certificate will provide you with the foundational skills, knowledge and practical experience in data science principles, tools and techniques. It also provides a pathway for entry into the Diploma of Applied Data Science at Monash College, which is a pathway to Monash University’s Bachelor of Applied Data Science.


MCD4440 Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science

This unit introduces fundamental discrete mathematics topics including combinatorics, sets, relations and functions; methods of logic and proof, especially proof by induction; probability theory, Bayes' theorem; recursion; recurrence relations; trees and other graphs.

MCD4430 Data Challenges 1

This inquiry-based unit will include an introduction to important elements of data science, how it is impacting on society, and the role it will play in addressing problems and issues across the sciences, business arena and industry. You will be exposed to the characteristics of data science over and above the core task of data analysis. Through interdisciplinary team-based workshops, you will begin to collaboratively explore examples of complex problems which have been solved through the fusion of data science, mathematics and statistics, social, business, IT and interdisciplinary knowledge. You will apply the key principles, tools and techniques of data science to authentic problems and implement approaches and solutions, communicating outputs effectively for a range of stakeholders.

MCD4490 Advanced Mathematics

Functions and coordinate geometry: types of functions, composite functions, inverse functions, modelling of periodic phenomena with trigonometric functions, complex numbers. Differentiation and integration: concepts and techniques, applications to related rate of change and optimization problems, areas, volume and centre of mass. Vectors in two and three-dimensional space, application to motion and kinematics.

Elective stream, choose from:

  • MCD4390 Chemistry 1
  • MCD4410 Blueprints of Life (Biology 1)
  • MCD4700 Introduction to Computer Systems, Networks and Security
  • MCD2080 Business Statistics.

More information about subjects is available in the Diploma guide here.

Course Information

Course duration 6 months full-time
Study load Full time or part time
FeeCourse fees are half of the relevant Diploma Part 2 fees published here.
ApplicationHow to apply
Delivery Online or blended
Intake dates February and July
Hours 5-7 hours per unit/ per week

Entry Requirement

  • ATAR score of 65.
  • Pre-requisites: 25 in units 3 and 4 in Australian Year 12 Mathematical Methods or Specialist Mathematics AND Australian Year 12 equivalent in one of Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Geography, Physics or Psychology.