Undergraduate Certificate in Science

The Undergraduate Certificate in Science gives you the foundational knowledge, skills and experience that can lead to a variety of careers across the fields of  biological sciences, biomedical and behavioural sciences, earth and environmental sciences, mathematical and computational sciences, and physical and chemical sciences.

The certificate prepares you for entry-level positions in a range of science-related areas; for example, as a research or laboratory assistant. The certificate also provides a pathway for entry into the Diploma of Science at Monash College, which is a pathway to Monash University’s Bachelor of Science.


MCD4390 Chemistry 1

A fundamental understanding of chemistry is relevant to many of the tasks encountered by professional engineers. The unit covers: atomic theory of matter; chemical periodicity; ionic, covalent and metallic bonding; role of intermolecular forces in the behaviour of liquids and solids in relation the structure and properties of materials like liquid crystals, amorphous solids and polymers; Equilibria involving precipitation, acid-base, redox and electrochemical reactions and their role in acid rain and corrosion; Coordination chemistry and the nature and properties of the transition metals and their complexes. Practical exercises are illustrative of the theory component and provide experience in laboratory techniques and laboratory OHSE practices.

MCD4410 Blueprints for Life (Biology 1)

This unit will explore the fundamental processes and patterns common to all life on Earth. It will examine how living organisms grow, develop diverse and complex structures, harness and utilize energy and transmit their life blueprints to the next generation. In this unit, students will progress through fundamental themes in cellular biology, biochemistry, genetics, genomics and microbiology. They will examine contemporary issues in biological sciences and the societal impact that biology has by learning from world-class researchers and industry experts.

MCD2080 Business Statistics

This unit is designed to provide skills in data analysis and statistical processes as applied to business and basic business computations and techniques.

Elective stream, choose from:

  • MCD2130 Functions and their Applications OR MCD4490 Advanced Mathematics
  • MCD1470 Engineering Practice
  • MCD6080 Psychology 1A
  • MCD4700 Introduction to Computer Systems, Networks and Security

More information about subjects is available in the Diploma guide here.

Course Information

Course duration 6 months full-time
Study load Full time or part time
FeeCourse fees are half of the relevant Diploma Part 2 fees published here.
ApplicationHow to apply
Delivery Online or blended
Intake dates February and July
Hours 5-7 hours per unit/ per week

Entry Requirement

  • ATAR score of 60.
  • Pre-requisites: satisfactory completion of Units 1 to 4 in any Mathematics with an overall average of 60% or a study score of 25 in units 3 & 4 of any Mathematics AND Australian Year 12 equivalent in one of Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Geography, Physics or Psychology.