Monash University Foundation Year

Thi Quynh Chi Nguyen (Chi), Vietnam

Monash University Foundation Year, Bachelor of Engineering

Photo of Chi, a Monash University Foundation Year student When I first came to Monash College, I had to learn to study independently but that didn't mean I had to study by myself. I was able to ask for help from my teachers whenever I needed it. Because of my time at Monash College I feel I have become more mature and better prepared for university life. Watch Chi's story.

Folei Wong (Joey), China

Monash University Foundation Year, Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Engineering

Photo of Joey, a Monash University Foundation Year student Education in Australia is very different to China. Completing the Monash University Foundation Year program helped to prepare me for the different teaching and learning styles at university that local students are used to. Thanks to this preparation, I was successful in securing a scholarship for my double degree at Monash University. Watch Joey's story.

Serena Menezes, China and India

Monash University Foundation Year, Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery

Photo of Serena, a Monash University Foundation Year student Studying Foundation Year at Monash College offered the perfect pathway for me to enter medicine at Monash. The teachers provided me with lots of support through subject counselling, interview training and arranging meetings with faculty representatives. Their guidance and feedback made me very well prepared and equipped with outstanding academic skills that I need to complete my university assessments. I would definitely recommend Monash College as the pathway to Monash University!

Khang Sing Law (Jacob), Malaysia

Monash University Foundation Year

Photo of Jacob, a Monash University Foundation Year student I really enjoyed the different style of learning I experienced at Monash College. The teaching methods were very different to what I was used to. The teachers encouraged us to have group discussions in class about current topics, which taught me to study more effectively and form my own opinions. It also helped me to meet new friends all with the same dream of being successful in the future.

Nicole Ling, Malaysia

Monash University Foundation Year, Bachelor of Pharmacy/Bachelor of Commerce

Photo of Nicole, a Monash University Foundation Year student I was better prepared for success at Monash University because of the support I received at Monash College. The teachers were friendly and approachable and helped me understand what would be expected of me at university.


Fatema Hasan Absulla Abbas Husain, Bahrain

Diploma of Engineering, Bachelor of Chemical Engineering

Photo of Fatema, a Monash College student The global outlook of Monash College and the outstanding support staff set me up for success in the Bachelor of Engineering at Monash University. My teachers and learning consultants were professional, approachable and willing to help me reach my study goals. Because of the small class sizes I formed strong friendships with my peers, which has given me a great support network for my tertiary studies. Monash College provided me with an excellent foundation of academic skills. I participated in the Vice-Chancellor's Ancora Imparo leadership program – an incredible experience! Watch Fatema's story.

Devi Rajaram, Singapore

Diploma of Arts, Bachelor of Journalism (Honours), Journalist at ABC

Photo of Devi, a Monash College student I always dreamt of being a journalist. I enrolled in the Diploma of Arts at Monash College and it has been the best experience of my life and a learning experience beyond my expectations. My teachers truly cared about the work I produced and were always there to encourage me to reach my potential. Thanks to my experience at Monash College, I am now pursuing a successful career as a journalist at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). Watch Devi's story.

Kai Kong Chan (Chong), Hong Kong

Monash English Bridging, Diploma of Business, Bachelor of Commerce

Photo of Chong, a Monash College student Because I completed the Monash English Bridging program in Melbourne, I was so well prepared before I started my academic studies at Monash. Classes were conducted on campus so I became familiar with university life and the Monash culture, and made new friends before I commenced. I learnt how to write an academic essay and an annotated bibliography, which was essential for assessment. My teachers even helped me learn how to take notes during a lecture! Watch Chong's story

Yawen Hu, China

Diploma of Art & Design, Bachelor of Architecture, Master of Architecture

Photo of Yawen, a Monash College student My journey to Monash University started with a Diploma of Art & Design at Monash College. From there, I followed a pathway to a Bachelor of Architectural Design at Monash in Melbourne, and now I'm completing a Master of Architecture. Moving to Melbourne was the obvious choice for me. It has magnificent architecture – plus, I'm studying in the world's most liveable city! Living here has helped improve my English and my confidence. Once I've completed my studies my dream is to work in Australia as an architect.

Hongyu Leng (Polly), China

Diploma of Business, Bachelor of Commerce

Photo of Polly, a Monash College student Monash University is a Group of Eight university internationally renowned for its business major. When I decided I wanted to study business overseas, I knew Monash was the best choice. Monash College offered me the pathway to the Faculty of Business. I was able to fast-track my studies by completing the equivalent of first year university in only eight months. Watch Polly's story.

English language

Rafael Dextro, Brazil

Monash English, Monash English Bridging, Bachelor of Science

Photo of Rafael, a Monash College student Studying English at Monash has given me a lot of choices for my future career. The staff helped me improve my English and academic skills, which I need at Monash University. Watch Raf's story.

Ali Hani, Iraq

Monash English Bridging, PhD in Anatomy and Developmental Biology

Photo of Ali, a Monash College student To start my PhD at Monash University I needed to pass an IELTS test. The teachers helped me improve my English and academic skills to make sure I was ready to take the test, and ready for my PhD studies. Melbourne is a great place – beautiful and safe for studying and for living. I've met many interesting people here from many different cultures. Watch Ali's story.

Malak Ghazi A Almutairi, Saudi Arabia

Monash English, Monash English Bridging, Bachelor of Nutrition Science

Photo of Malak, a Monash College student I needed to improve my academic English to get into a top university in the world like Monash. I chose to study abroad because I wanted to learn more about my specialisation, nutrition, and about the culture here in Australia. Studying English in Melbourne helped to improve my language skills much faster. I practised with my homestay family, with my friends, and out in the street. All the teachers at Monash were kind, friendly and helpful. Watch Malak's story in English and Arabic.