You will need to have enrolled or re-enrolled before you can check your timetable on Allocate+. Your personal timetable will be published on Allocate+ before classes commence. Check important dates for your program to find out. Check your timetable each day until the end of Week 2 as changes can be made during this time.

Class timetable

  1. Head to the Allocate+ login page.
  2. Select ‘Monash College student’ under Students.
  3. Click 'My Timetable' to display your timetable.

Changing your class timetable

In general, you cannot request timetable changes, but if you have special circumstances and believe you have valid reasons to request changes, please contact us:

Diplomas: ed.admin@monashcollege.edu.au

Monash English Bridging: meb.help@monashcollege.edu.au

Monash English: me.help@monashcollege.edu.au

Foundation Year: janene.chase@monashcollege.edu.au

Diploma student timetables

We will carefully consider your request for a timetable change if you encounter one of the following problems with your timetable:

  • You have three classes timetabled in a row on the same day (note: the MCD2080 tutorial/lab is counted as one class).
  • You have two classes scheduled at the same time.
  • Not all your classes are allocated.
  • You have failed a unit and would like to have a different tutor this time for the failed unit (tutorials only).

We cannot guarantee that your request for change can be granted, however all requests will be replied to by the end of Week 2. Until you have received a response, you must attend your scheduled classes as they appear in your timetable.

If your request is not based on one of the above problems, you may not receive a response. Your request is unsuccessful if you don’t receive a reply within 72 hours. The following reasons for change will not be considered:

  • Gaps between class times.
  • Your part-time work clashing with your classes.
  • Your travel time to Monash College.
  • Wanting to be in the same class as your friends.

Foundation Year and English students

Click here for the floor plans of the Bourke Street Campus.