Monash English will improve your English language skills to prepare you for entry into Monash College and Monash University.

The program is taught from beginner to advanced levels. Depending on your level, you will focus on General English or English for Academic Purposes.

Classes will help you develop your language and academic skills. As you improve, you can move to the next level of Monash English, Monash English Bridging or to your destination course.

You will be better prepared for your studies by learning skills such as:

  • how to write essays and academic reports
  • how to reference your sources
  • how to give presentations
  • how to communicate confidently in English
  • how to research
  • how to study independently.

When you arrive, you will receive a learning plan based on your study goals. Your plan will include tips and recommended resources. You will receive regular feedback from teachers on your progress.

Course structure

Entry requirements: You can enter Monash English at any level. You will need to sit an approved English language test and achieve a minimum score of 3.5. Or, complete the Monash English Placement Test and enter without an IELTS. After we have assessed your application, we will send you an offer for the number of weeks of English we recommend you study.  A guide to the entry requirement for each level is below:

IELTS score (or equivalent)ME entry level
Overall 3.5 Writing 3.5ME Elementary
Overall 4.0 Writing 4.0ME Pre Intermediate
Overall 4.5 Writing 4.5ME Intermediate
Overall 5.0 Writing 5.0ME Upper Intermediate
Overall 5.5 Writing 5.5ME Pre Advanced
Overall 6.0 Writing 6.0ME Advanced 

Duration: 10–60 weeks depending on placement test and destination course.

Start date: Every five weeks.

Campus: City.

Class timetable: Monday – Friday, 8.45am – 12.45pm or 1–5.15pm. You will be assigned morning or afternoon classes to provide time for study and language development.

Contact hours: 35 hours per week. 20 hours of classroom tuition plus 15 hours of independent learning.

Validity: Monash English results are valid for six months.

CRICOS: 076753G

Where to next?

My destination is Monash University Foundation Year

After completing the required level of Monash English, you can enter foundation year, without sitting an IELTS test.*

My destination is a Monash College Diploma

After completing the required level of Monash English, you can enter Monash English Bridging for Diplomas, without sitting an IELTS test.*

If you do not study Monash English Bridging, to start a Monash College Diploma you will need to sit an IELTS test.

My destination is Monash University

To enter the University you will need to sit an IELTS test.

There is no need to be nervous about sitting the IELTS test. We have workshops to help you practice and develop the skills you need to sit the test. We even have an IELTS testing centre on campus to make it easy when you need to be tested.

*You need to successfully complete your Monash English course within six months of the start date of your destination course.