To help you do your best, you need to be prepared, on time and calm on the day of your test.

Arrive on time

Registration at the test centre opens at 7:45am. Check where you need to go and how to get there. Make sure you arrive early so you have enough time to register and relax.

What to bring

On the day, you need to bring your:

  • Your passport
  • Water (transparent bottle)

No other items allowed in test room.

What is provided in test room

HB pencils, eraser and sharpener provided.

What to wear for the test

Dress comfortably.  No hoods, pockets or non-religious headdress.

Start and finish times

The listening, reading and writing sections of the test will start at 9am. Test times are:

  • writing - 60 minutes
  • reading - 60 minutes
  • listening - 30 minutes.

These three sections are tested in the same session, which will last at least three hours. There is no break between the sections.

The speaking section of the test will be held on the same day at 49 Rainforest Walk and will take 11-14 minutes. Your registration email will have details about the time when your speaking test has been scheduled.

Lost property

If the owner of a lost item can be identified, contact is made by telephone or letter, but the onus is on the you to contact the University if you have lost something. Monash University is not liable for loss of, or damage to, the property of students on campus, and private property is not covered by University insurance. Lost property items are normally held for two months. Suitable unclaimed items are donated to appropriate charity organisations.

Lost property can be handed into, and collected from:

  • Clayton - Campus centre (21 Chancellors Walk), Student Service Centre (items handed into the information desk will be kept for six weeks, and clothing for four weeks)