IELTS test preparation

IELTS, the International English Language Testing System, assesses your English language ability. It is designed for people who want to study or work where English is the main language of communication.

The test has four parts:

  • listening
  • reading
  • writing
  • speaking.

It is important to practice your English as much as possible through reading, speaking and listening. To help you prepare for the test IELTS offers a range of materials and resources.

Preparation course

Every test booking includes 30 days free access to an online preparation course.

IELTS online resources

The IELTS Information for Candidates booklet (PDF, 8.1 MB) has useful information about getting ready for your test.

IELTS also offer a range of free preparation materials and resources including:

  • IELTS Support Tools
  • IELTS Advantage
  • IELTS Assist
  • IELTS Online Community
  • IELTS Essentials Facebook
  • IELTS Test Tip Videos.

Practice materials 

To help you understand the test format and sample questions, IELTS has two volumes of official practice materials:

  • Vol. 1 Official IELTS Practice Materials (with CD)
  • Vol. 2 Official IELTS Practice Materials (with DVD)

These resources are available from the Monash College IELTS application desk for A$35.

If you require additional assistance, please contact our IELTS Test Centre.