Becoming a homestay host

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Being a homestay family involves more than providing food and shelter to a student. As a host you will experience the rewards of welcoming a young person to Australia and seeing your own culture from a new perspective.

The Monash homestay team places more than 2000 international students from Monash College and Monash University with homestay families each year. They come from many different backgrounds, but most are from Asia. Each student is different with their own story to tell.

Homestay is a unique opportunity for our students because they get to develop lasting friendships with a family from another culture and practise their English every day.

Our students come to study these courses:

Length of stay

Some of our students are here for a short term study program (approximately 5 weeks), while others could be here for a longer period (up to one year).

Age and nationality of students

Most students studying at the University are over 18. However, we place many younger students (16–17 years old). Under their student visa conditions, students under 18 must have a guardian and live in Monash approved accommodation until they turn 18.

Our students come from all around the world: China, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, Africa, and the UAE.

Share your knowledge

In your home, a student will get a close-up experience of Australian culture, customs and cuisine. Every day your student will be surrounded by authentic English as they get involved in genuine conversation, learning all the time.

Broaden your horizons

The benefits of homestay are not just for students. You will form friendships with people from all over the world. By sharing stories the whole family will learn about another culture first-hand.

Financial arrangements

Our hosts receive $630 for a full fortnight's stay. If your student stays for less than a week, you will be paid pro rata at the rate of $45 per night. Hosts are paid by direct deposit into their nominated bank account on a fortnightly payment schedule.