Monash College is the right choice for your child’s future. We provide a very supportive community for students to achieve their study goals.

Here are some links to help you find the information you need. We want you to be certain that you have made the right decision.

Careers and employability


We have a team of careers counsellors at Monash College that can help your child with:

  • their pathway to university
  • leadership opportunities
  • preparing a resume
  • scholarship applications
  • developing interview skills
  • job applications.


At Monash University, your child will have access to work experience opportunities such as internships, as well as career programs and resources to prepare them for success after university.

After your child has finished university, Monash Professional Pathways offers job readiness training and internship opportunities with local Australian companies.


Aerial view of houses

Living in Melbourne will be a big part of your child's experience. They can live in approved off-campus student accommodation, on-campus at Clayton, or with an Australian family (homestay). All our recommended providers are safe and secure. Each child and family's requirements will be different. Make sure you choose the best option for your child.

Tip: Book accommodation early. Providers are booked 12 months in advance. As soon as your child has received an offer, start thinking about where they want to live.

Find out more about our approved accommodation options


Melbourne is a friendly and safe city for students. We provide briefings, guidelines and support to make sure students are safe in our city. Our students also learn in a very safe environment. Every Monash College campus is protected by security officers 24 hours a day. All visitors need to sign in and we make sure only approved people enter our buildings.


We will help your child to make friends and meet new people. Our Student Engagement Team organises regular activities to help students form friendships and participate in our college community. Students can get involved in Chinese New Year events, Harmony Day, the Japanese Festival, or trips to the beach, Australian zoos and the snow.

Students under 18

At Monash College we specialise in helping younger students settle into life in Melbourne. We understand that students under 18 need a bit of extra care and support.

Students under 18 must have a guardian while they live in Melbourne. A guardian can be an approved parent/relative, or a Monash College staff member (from the Monash College Under 18 Guardianship Service team). Our guardians will help your child with:

  • organising orientation
  • opening a bank account
  • accommodation advice
  • arranging medical appointments
  • support during emergencies
  • reporting to you as parents.

Accommodation for students under 18 must also be approved before your child applies for a student visa.

Guardianship fees

The cost of guardianship is $8.65 per day.

Find out more about students under 18

Terms and conditions

Student support

When your child studies at Monash College, they'll have a whole team of experts and resources to support them. They will help your child settle into the Monash and Melbourne lifestyles. Here are some of the services we offer:

  • free airport transfer
  • accommodation advice
  • under 18 guardianship team
  • health and wellbeing counselling
  • orientation
  • careers advice
  • academic counselling
  • student experience activities.

Find out more about student support.


We have two campuses in Melbourne. Your child will have access to convertible classrooms that feature the latest technology and modern study areas. There are lots of place to do assignments, borrow books and study.

Find out more about where your child will be studying


Your child will need a student visa to study in Australia at Monash College. Apply for a student visa after your child has applied for their course and received the Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment and Confirmation of Appropriate Accommodation and Welfare.

Information and application forms are provided by the Department of Home Affairs. A Monash agent can also help your child apply for their visa.

Fees and living costs

Course fees

Find out more about our course fees:

Cost of living

It's a good idea to prepare a budget before your child arrives in Australia. We recommend you add $28,000 per year to your budget.

Monash University Residential Services provides useful information about living costs in Melbourne.