It is important to plan and prepare a budget before you arrive. This will help to manage your cost of living.

Remember that your study fees do not include accommodation, health insurance, food and utility costs that you will need to pay when you are in Australia.

Costs will vary depending on where you live and your lifestyle. Rent, for example, is more expensive in Melbourne than regional areas. You may also need to add mobile phone and internet fees to your budget.

Make sure you read through your legal rights as an international student and the ESOS framework.

Visit the University's cost of living guide for more information. Remember that these costs are estimates only and will change with annual inflation.

Health insurance

International students must have Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) before they can apply for a student visa. This is a requirement by the Australian Government.

OSHC is provided by a private insurance company and arranged by Monash. It covers basic medical, hospital and pharmaceutical costs while you are in Australia and enrolled at Monash.

The cost of most general hospital treatments in a public hospital is fully covered. The cost of medical and pharmaceutical services is only partly covered. It does not cover dental costs.

You must pay the insurance premium to Monash before we issue your electronic Confirmation of Enrolment. View the Monash OSHC fees

School-aged dependents

Students with school-aged dependants coming with them to Australia must ensure that their children attend school. You will need to pay full fees if the children are enrolled in a government or a non-government school.

If you have any questions about the cost of living in Australia, please contact Monash Residential Services or visit Live in Melbourne for more advice on expenses and shopping.