All new students must attend enrolment and orientation before starting their course.

At enrolment and orientation you will:

  • meet your teachers
  • talk about your subjects and course structure
  • enrol in subjects
  • find out important information about your course
  • find your way around campus
  • make new friends.

Check your course enrolment dates before you arrive to make sure you can attend.

Foundation Year and Diploma students

After you accept your offer and pay your invoice, we will email you an Authority to Enrol document with a guide about the enrolment process.

Don't forget to create a account (pdf, 612KB) before you enrol. (Please note that Internet access at Monash is provided for academic, research and administrative purposes. While we provide no censorship, you are expected to follow the Acceptable use of IT procedures.)

What to bring

On enrolment day, please bring:

  • a printed copy of your Authority to Enrol (Foundation Year and Diploma students only)
  • your passport
  • a pen and paper
  • your offer letter
  • original or certified IELTS results.

Late enrolments

If you cannot attend your scheduled enrolment date, you must apply for permission to enrol late.

Please note that:

  • late enrolment requests are not guaranteed
  • you cannot start your course without written permission for late enrolment
  • you may miss some classes if you enrol late
  • we are not able to accept early, proxy or online enrolments.

To apply for late enrolment, please email and provide:

  • your full name and Monash student identification number
  • details of why you cannot attend enrolment
  • evidence that explains why you cannot attend (for example, if your flight arrives after the enrolment date, please attach a copy of your ticket)
  • the date you will be at Monash to enrol (Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm).

Please allow at least three business days for us to review your request. If we approve your late enrolment, we will give you a new enrolment date and location.