Moving away from home to study in a new country is a big decision. At Monash College, we support you at each step of your journey. Our services will make sure you are part of a healthy, happy and supportive environment.

We are committed to helping you achieve your goals. You can use a number of student support services to make sure you are at your best.

Services include:

When you arrive

We will help you settle into College life, understand Australian culture and start your studies. When you arrive in Australia:

Enrolment and orientation

A group of students holding hands while participating in an orientation game. Students are smiling and laughing.
Orientation is a great opportunity to make new friends.

During your first week you will participate in an enrolment and orientation program. This program is specially designed to help you:

  • make new friends
  • find out about your classes
  • get to know Monash College and your teachers
  • feel comfortable in Melbourne – learn how to get around and use public transport.

Ongoing support

We will provide you with care and support. We will make sure you are safe, happy and achieving your best. You will have access to these services at all times:

  • regular feedback from your teachers
  • academic workshops to ask questions after class
  • exam preparation tutorials
  • counselling to talk through academic, personal and emotional issues (email us to book an appointment)
  • advice on what to expect at university
  • clubs and social events so you can enjoy life outside of class time.

Academic support

Male teacher in a classroom talking with two female and one male student.
Our teachers are supportive and available to help.

Each course also offers unique support. Find out about:

Student activities

A female student on a day trip to the zoo posing with a kangaroo that is lying in the sun.
Join in one of the many fun student activities.

The main reason you are in Australia is to study, but participating in extracurricular activities is important. Events and activities provide an excellent chance to make friends, socialise and be active – which is also good for your health!

Make the most of your time here and everything Melbourne has to offer. Participate in a student activity, play in a sports team, explore the city and enjoy meeting new friends.

Safety and security

Melbourne is a very safe place to live and study. Each Monash College campus is safe and protected by security. During your orientation program you will also learn personal safety tips for everyday life.