As part of the Virtual Classroom, Monash College now conducts all assessments online and all exams through the Monash eAssessment Platform.


Monash College is introducing a standardisation process to its eAssessments. This process ensures that even if students have faced extra challenges in the shift to the Virtual Classroom, their academic results (final unit marks) will not be lower than they would have been under regular conditions.

Standardising exam results provides an effective and impartial way to help students affected by the impacts of COVID-19, and balances academic integrity with fairness to our student cohort.

The College will review student results in every Foundation Year and Diploma unit and compare these to past results for that unit. If it’s found that the results in the current period have been impacted, grades will be adjusted in students’ favour so as to not disadvantage them in their transition to Monash University.

If a student fails a unit, they will still have to repeat it, but the fail grade will not be included when calculating their final results. Diploma Part 2 students who fail a unit this trimester will also be eligible for a Late Withdrawal so that their failed unit is not counted towards their exit score; students who fail a unit due to academic misconduct will not be eligible.

See our frequently asked questions for more information.