Your Monash College life begins now!

Welcome. We want you to enjoy everything about Monash College and imagine that you have lots of questions. This website will help give you an idea of what to expect during your first few weeks of class, the support available and tips on making your Monash College experience even more enjoyable. Once you’ve started class, you’ll find all of your study material on Moodle - our online learning platform. Our teachers are also very friendly and they'll be able to help answer your questions or let you know who can help you.

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Making friends

Worried you won’t know anyone at Monash College? Don’t worry. There are many ways to meet and connect with other students. You can:

  • Go up and say hello! There will be students just like you in the study areas, at class, buying lunch, attending orientation activities. Get to know them!
  • Sign up to activities and events during orientation week. Not sure what to sign up for? Feel shy? Attending one of the regular drop-in sessions on campus (you’ll find out where and when these are held in orientation week) may help.
  • Make the most of the Monash College Recreation Program. It is a simple way to meet people and have fun in Melbourne, so register now.
  • Watch out for posters around campus advertising events and activities. These can be the easiest ways to meet new people and feel more at home in Melbourne.
  • Join the gym or a sports club.
  • Friend Monash College on Facebook
  • Follow Monash College on Instagram

If you’re looking for more opportunities to make new friends or to get more involved in the Monash community, contact our student engagement team. They’ll provide you with a list of clubs, events and you can get involved in.