Your Monash College life begins now!

Welcome. We want you to enjoy everything about Monash College and imagine that you have lots of questions. This website will help give you an idea of what to expect during your first few weeks of class, the support available and tips on making your Monash College experience even more enjoyable. Once you’ve started class, you’ll find all of your study material on Moodle - our online learning platform. Our teachers are also very friendly and they'll be able to help answer your questions or let you know who can help you.

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Congratulations and welcome to Monash College.

Now that you have accepted your offer, it's time to enrol

Before enrolling, make sure you have met all the conditions of your offer. If waiting on a credit outcome, proceed anyway - you can change your units in the first couple of weeks of semester, and we'll be there to help you every step of the way.

Step 1: Create your Monash account

Already have your Monash account? Go straight to step 2.

To set up your Monash account you need your Monash ID. This is in your International Student Course Agreement (ISCA).

Create your account

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Help with this step

Having trouble with your Monash account?

If you've received a previous offer and already have a Monash account, you don't need to create a new one - go straight to step 2.

For any problems creating an account, accessing your email, or forgetting your password, contact the Service Desk for help.

You can also register for self-service password reset to retrieve a forgotten password.

For English Language students, you may use this First Day Essential guideline to assist you with this step.

Using your Monash account and email

Use your account to access your email, class timetable, portal, course materials,, the library and the Web Enrolment System (WES).

We delete your account if you don't complete your enrolment, so make sure you enrol by the deadline.


Internet access at Monash is provided for academic, research and administrative purposes. While we don't filter any content, when using this service you're expected to follow the acceptable use of IT policy and procedures.


To access your Monash mail account login to

Your Monash account is the only email the University will use to communicate with you. You should check it at least twice a week so you don't miss important messages about your enrolment or studies.

Monash IT handbook

For information about connecting to wi-fi, systems, computer labs and more, check out the Student Technology Essentials Handbook (pdf, 2.27 mb) .

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Step 2: Register details

Using your Monash account, you can now login to register your details in the WES (Web Enrolment System).

Work through this task sequentially - each section has to be completed before the next section is unlocked.

Register your details

You'll need to agree to the education and health cover rules for overseas students. Next, work your way through the Enrolment Summary screen to:

  • update your contact information
  • fill out the enrolment questionnaire

Managing your account

The most important thing to remember about your Monash account is that it needs to be up to date!

If you change address, phone number, personal email address or subjects we need to know! Making sure your Monash College account profile has the correct information will prevent problems and make your life easier.

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Step 3: Order your Monash student ID card

You may continue to this step only after you have successfully enrolled in your units and your course has started. If you had a Monash ID card from an earlier course, you may skip this step and use the current card until it expires.

Please ensure that you have updated your Melbourne postal and home addresses prior to this submission. If you have not yet done so, go to the Web Enrolment System, in the Student Services section, go to Address update option to update them.

TIP: The first step requires you to upload some photo ID such as your passport to verify your identity. This is separate to the photo you provide for your student card.

  1. Log in to the Web Enrolment System
  2. In the Student Services section, go to Submit your photo for an ID card option then click Submit your photo.
  3. Scan and submit your passport photo page (page or pages with both photo and information) as proof of your identity. The photo of your passport should include your name, date of birth, country of origin, etc. View a sample of a passport photo page.
  4. Submit your individual photo for your student ID card. View Photograph Guidelines
  5. Once you submit it, please allow up to three working days for your student’s photo to be approved by the Card Office, please check the Monash email for approval status.
  6. Once it’s approved, you will receive instruction in the email to set up the Digital M-Pass. While we’re working hard to make this happen, in the case digital IDs aren’t quite ready for this semester, we’ll use your Australian mailing address to send you a physical card.

Login to order your ID card

Help with this step

Having problems with your student ID?

Monash Student ID card guideline

A step-by-step guide to applying your Monash Student ID card

Reasons your photo may be rejected

  • You haven't provided photo ID such as a passport or driver's licence to verify your identity (first step)
  • Your ID document (e.g. passport or licence) was cropped or wasn't scanned properly
  • The photo submitted for your student card is too dark
  • Previously, you had a Monash University or College ID card
  • You selected postage to receive your card but you didn't supply a valid Australian address
Using your student ID card

Your student ID card is called an M-Pass. You can use it to:

  • access your campus building
  • add credit to pay for printing, copying and library fines
  • borrow books and resources from the library
  • access student discounts  
  • identify yourself on campus and at exams.

For more details, see student ID cards.

Need more help?

For more help:

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