Diploma of Engineering

The Diploma of Engineering will prepare you for success in your Monash Engineering degree.

Hear about the Diploma of Engineering

How the program works

Our diplomas are in two parts: part 1 and part 2. In part 1, you’ll learn about the maths and science theory. In part 2, you’ll study the same subjects as first-year University students and develop your specialist knowledge of engineering and the practical skills you’ll need for University.


  • tests
  • quizzes
  • group projects
  • presentations
  • poster presentations
  • tutorial assessments
  • a final exam

Course information

Destination 2nd year engineering at Monash University
AQF Level Level 5


Mode of study On campus
Duration Part 1: 9 months
Part 2: 12 months^
Intakes February, June and October
Study area Specialist: Engineering
What you will study Part 1: complete 8 core units
Part 2: complete 8 core units
Contact hours 5–7 hours per unit, per week
Prerequisites English, Mathematics, and one of either Chemistry or Physics
What it costs

See our dates and fees page for details.

CRICOS Course Code 043634K

^Start the Diploma of Engineering in October and you could fast-track and complete your diploma in just nine months. You will be ready to start Monash University in July. You must have met the required scores to enter a first year undergraduate engineering degree to be considered for the T3 Fast-Track program.

"Through Monash College, I was able to further my knowledge by meeting people from all around the world. The team-based projects were very fun and the teachers that I have met were truly amazing.”


Course structure and units

Trimester  1: 4 monthsTrimester  2: 4 months
MCD1160 Introductory Engineering Computing
MCD1170 Introductory Chemistry
MCD1180 Introductory Physics
MCD1700 Introductory Mathematics
MCD1470 Engineering Practice #
MCD1190 Chemistry A
MCD1200 Physics A
MCD1750 Intermediate Mathematics

# Students intending to specialise in Biomedical Engineering must enrol in MCD1710 Introductory Biology instead.

Download the Diploma of Engineering Unit Guide

Trimester  1: 4 monthsTrimester  2: 4 monthsTrimester  3: 4 months

MCD4160 Physics for
Engineering OR MCD1200  Physics A*
MCD4390 Chemistry 1 ##
MCD4510 P-Math* OR
MCD4490 Advanced

MCD4270 Engineering Design:
Lighter, Faster, Stronger
MCD4140 Computing for
MCD4490 Advanced Mathematics* OR
MCD4500 Engineering
MCD4280 Engineering
Design: Cleaner, Safer,
MCD4290 Engineering
Mobile apps
MCD4500 Engineering Mathematics**

*Students entering directly into Part 2 who have not completed Physics (Australian Year 12 equivalent) must enrol in MCD1200 Physics A.

^Fast-Track students and students progressing into Part 2 from Part 1 will enrol into MCD4490 Advanced Mathematics in their first trimester, followed by MCD4500 in Trimester 2, and will study two units in their third trimester.
**Students entering directly into Part 2, with the exception of Engineering Fast-Track students, will enrol in MCD4510 (a non-credit compulsory preparatory mathematics unit) in their first trimester, followed by MCD4490 in Trimester 2 and MCD4500 in Trimester 3. 

## Students intending to specialise in Biomedical Engineering must enrol in Blueprints for Life (Biology 1) in Trimester 1 and Life on Earth (Biology 2) in Trimester 2.

Download the Diploma of Engineering Unit Guide (PDF, 1.19 MB)

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