Student volunteering

Volunteering provides you with new life experiences, and the potential to help others and be involved in the broader community. Employers also value the skills and experience that volunteering can bring.

Volunteering will improve your English language skills and increase cultural understanding with the local community and other cultures. It provides experience in the Australian workplace and develops confidence and leadership skills. Volunteering develops employability skills such as communication, problem-solving and teamwork. You can practise your English language skills and meet new people. The experience of volunteering will enhance your scholarship application or resume.

At Monash College, students have the opportunity to participate in our structured volunteering program with partner organisations. The program is growing each year with over 50 students participating so far. Stay tuned for updates. Visit College Connect to register for upcoming volunteering workshops.

Students can also engage with a range of other organisations that include the Australian Federation of International Students (AFIS). To find out more email

You must check the Conditions for Working While Studying of your student visa before undertaking any volunteer role.

Students may take part in volunteer work outside of the 40 hours per fortnight work limitation if:

  • their main purpose is to study in Australia and voluntary work remains secondary to this; and
  • the work involved would not otherwise be undertaken by an Australian resident; and
  • the work is genuinely voluntary for a non-profit organisation and no remuneration, in cash or kind, is received in return for the activity.

“It provides me with a chance to broaden my horizons, study new skills and establish new relationships with friends as well as other new people” Tien Minh Pham

“I gained a lot of experience through this volunteering program. I think that in the future, I can be more confident to sign up for different volunteering activities because it is a helpful way to immerse myself in Australia Culture.” Tram Nguyen

“The whole experience was amazing. I enjoyed being part of the Save The Children team. I learnt a lot about using the cash register, as well as tasks of a sales person. The experience would be very beneficial in the future if I plan to work part time in the retail industry.” Rayana Mabshura Oeyshi

Brooke Arthur, Recruitment Adviser from St Vincent de Paul was excited to work with our students. “It was fantastic to partner with Monash College this year and have their wonderful students volunteer within our Retail Shop,” she said. “We are looking forward to 2020 and partnering with Monash College again.”

Roxanne Azat, Community Engagement Coordinator at Benetas Camberwell, was delighted to be part of the program. We have been very lucky to have the students from Monash College,” she said. “They formed lovely friendships with our residents, which is so beautiful to see.”

Kai Min (Cherilyn) Teng

Monash College Pathway:
2019 - Foundation Year
2020 - Bachelor of Medical Science/Doctor of Medicine (destination)

My motivation behind pursuing MD to be a doctor is that I am intrigued by science and I love to help others.

I find medicine a perfect opportunity to express my passion and to keep my curious mind satisfied. I love challenges and puzzles and the complex human body requires doctors to piece information together to determine the best cause of action.

The Monash College Foundation Year (MUFY) prepares me for my education at Monash University through introducing me to the culture at Monash and providing various opportunities to visit the University. MUFY has provided me with a myriad of opportunities to improve myself as a student and as a leader. With leadership-oriented activities, such as the Peer Mentor Program and the Volunteering program, I was able to professionally develop myself and have a better understanding of my strengths and weaknesses.

I have always wanted to volunteer at an organisation for a long-term but found it hard to do so as I would go back to my home country during the long breaks. Through the Volunteering Program at Monash College, I was exposed to a few organisations which were willing to accept me as a volunteer despite the breaks I require during the school holidays. From these volunteering experiences, I could work on my communication skills and continually develop my mindset of both a team member and leader. The skills gained from the Volunteering experiences can also be added to my resume to make it more appealing to other volunteering organisations. Coming to Melbourne alone may be daunting, but the people at Monash have helped made this experience a lot more enjoyable and rewarding. Many thanks to the College for organising such activities for the students!

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