Examinations and results

Exams are an important part of study across all courses offered at Monash College. The following information will give you an idea of what to expect as you navigate towards your exams.

Special Consideration - Foundation Year

If something unexpected causes you to miss an internal test or assessment deadline, you’ll need to apply for special consideration.

Special Consideration gives an opportunity to take a deferred assessment to students whose assessment has been adversely affected by circumstances beyond their control.

If you are unable to attend or complete an assessment due to a medical or emotional reason, or another reason beyond your control (such as a death in your family, or domestic disaster such as fire or burglary), you can apply for Special Consideration.

Special Consideration is NOT automatically granted. An application must be submitted with proof such as a death certificate, police report, medical certificate or Student Counsellor’s supporting letter.

To apply for Foundation Year Special Consideration, please complete the appropriate application form within two working days of the final exam date or assessment due date.

Special Consideration for Final Examinations Application

Special Consideration for Coursework Assessments - Application

If you also missed class on the assessment due date, please complete an Absence From Class Form (select the form for your course). You can attach supporting documents, such as a Medical certificate.

Special Consideration - Diploma

Assessment tasks are set to demonstrate you have achieved the learning outcomes of the units. Usually, you have one chance to complete each assessment task or exam.

If you can not complete an assessment task or exam due to exceptional circumstances beyond your control, you may be eligible for Special Consideration. If granted, you may be given an extension, another assessment, or a deferred exam, but your original assessment result can’t be changed.

Check your eligibility for Special Consideration

You may be eligible if you did not complete your final exam or assessment due to exceptional circumstances beyond your control. The reasons may include:

  • acute illness
  • loss or bereavement
  • hardship or trauma.

You may also be eligible for Special Consideration if you can show your obligation to:

  • military service
  • jury service
  • emergency services such as the Country Fire Authority
  • Monash Sport's athlete support program, if you are participating in a key event.

How to submit your application

Supporting documents

Make sure you provide one or more of these documents to support your application:

  • medical certificate, letter from a medical professional (even if your doctor has filled in your special consideration form)
  • letter from a social worker, lawyer, psychologist
  • death notice or certificate and evidence of relationship
  • police report
  • statutory declarations from students or relevant people
  • notification from:
    • defence services
    • Juries Commissioner's Office
    • emergency service organisations such as the Country Fire Authority
    • Monash Sport's elite athlete support program.

Medical and professional certificates must state that you were unfit to sit your exam or complete work for assessment on or before the relevant date, and can not be signed by a member of your family.

If you attend the exam, but are unable to finish it due to serious or acute illness, or other serious cause, you're required to provide compelling evidence of the severity of your illness or exceptional circumstances.


successful application may result in one of the following outcomes:

  • an extension to a submission date
  • an alternative and equivalent form of assessment
  • a deferred exam.

The assessment result from the outcome will be final.

Exiting documents

English, Foundation Year and Diploma students

If you have successfully completed your English, Foundation Year or Diploma course, you will receive a set of exit documents i.e. certificate (if you are qualified) and academic transcript free of charge, at the end of your course.

If you have not yet completed the course you can purchase an academic transcript online.

Result release dates

Foundation Year and Diploma students

Exam results for Foundation Year and Diploma students will be released on the Web Enrolment System (WES) on the result release date according to the Foundation Year and Diploma important dates calendar (Important Dates).

Follow these steps to check your results:

  1. Log in to http://my.monash.edu.au/wes with your Monash username and password
  2. In the WES main menu under Course Progression click Unofficial Academic Record