Whistleblower Policy

Monash College is committed to the highest standards of integrity and conduct and the provision of an environment in which people feel free to raise legitimate issues relating to College operations.

As such the College encourages disclosure of wrongdoing, ensuring that anyone who makes a disclosure can do so safely, securely and with confidence that they will be protected and supported.

A person who reports misconduct may be considered to have made a whistleblower disclosure and be protected under the law.

The links below provide access to the policy and procedure which outline the Monash College approach to whistleblower disclosures.

The purpose of the policy and procedure is to ensure eligible whistleblowers, and those who may be involved in an investigation, understand:

  • who is an eligible whistleblower and who is an eligible recipient of a whistleblower report under the whistleblower laws;
  • the ways in which a whistleblower can make a disclosure of information;
  • the protections which arise under whistleblower laws;
  • Monash College’s process for handling and investigating disclosures, and ensuring the fair treatment of the individuals involved; and
  • how whistleblowers will be supported and protected by Monash College.

Additional resources

For more information, please refer to the Monash College Whistleblower FAQs.

If the disclosure is about Monash University, please refer to the Monash University Whistleblower Disclosure webpage.

Relevant legislation and external resources

Other possible avenues of redress

If the information you wish to disclose does not qualify as a whistleblower disclosure, under either Commonwealth or Victoria law, you may still be able to provide the information, and access support, through the following:

Whistleblower privacy collection statement

Any personal information you provide to Monash College for the purposes of providing a report will be collected and managed in accordance with the College’s Whistleblower Policy and Whistleblower Procedure.

Monash College values the privacy of every individual’s personal information and is committed to the protection of that information from unauthorised use and disclosure except where permitted by law. For more information about the handling of your personal information please see https://www.monashcollege.edu.au/privacy.