Course completion and transition

Transition for Diploma Students

Transition information sessions

Transition sessions for expected to complete Diploma Students are conducted each trimester in Week 8 and Week 9 on Wednesday from 3.30pm-5.00pm

Faculties from Monash University including Business & Economics, Engineering, Arts, IT, Education, Science, and Art and Design attend the transition sessions to speak with all Monash College students. At the transition sessions, students are given an overview of what to expect once they commence second year at Monash University. Students are provided course maps and assisted to plan their study.

During the transition sessions, Monash University Admissions will provide students access to the online Confirmation of preference form - The form is open for four weeks for students to enter their preference. You can nominate up to three courses. It’s important to remember that preferences are assessed in order, so list your preferred course as number one. Make sure you submit your preferences online before the closing date.

The following students should use the link provided above:

  • Currently completing Part 1 at Monash College Australia – Local or International Student and would like to apply for first year Monash University Bachelor course in Australia.
  • Currently in final trimester of Part 2 at Monash College Australia – Local or International and would like to apply for a Monash University Bachelor course in Australia.

    Domestic students are eligible to apply for a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP). Availability of CSP is subject to quota, therefore meeting the minimum published average grade does not guarantee a CSP. Please note, not all Monash University courses are offered to domestic students in semester 2. If your chosen course preference is not available, the faculty will contact you to advise an alternative course or apply in the next intake.

Once results are released, students are emailed their full offers to their personal emails. Full offer letters are emailed up to two weeks after results are released. If you have changed your course preference, please ensure that you have accepted your new offer before you can enrol in your units online.

It’s important to have your contact details up to date so that you receive your offer letter on time. Update your details by visiting:

Students from the Diploma of Business (Business) and Diploma of Business (Commerce) who are in Part 2 A are provided transition information in Week 7 of Part 2 B. They are encouraged to be aware of the entry requirements to Monash University and provided a link to calculate their average

Course completion for Diploma Students

Course completion takes place once results are released for all Diploma students each trimester.

Transition for Foundation Year Students

Foundation Year students who are in their final semester will be asked to submit their Monash University course preferences online approximately three months prior to their results release date.

Students do not need to send their Foundation Year results to Monash University. If they are successful in meeting all the admission requirements of one of their course preferences, Monash University will email them an offer. The email address used will be the one provided in the online course preference submission form, so remember to check it!

After having received an offer, please remember to ‘accept your offer’ by following the instructions on the offer letter. The final step to transition smoothly into Monash University is to enrol into your units and attend orientation. More information can be found on the Monash University Get Started website.

Changes to your course preference after you receive your Foundation Year results can be done. Submit your request to change your course preference as quickly as possible, as closing dates apply. To do so, you must contact Central Admissions directly:

Transition for Monash English Bridging Students

  • For Monash English Bridging (MEB) students and plan to start a Monash College Diploma, you can find the information for your transition here.
  • If you are finishing Monash English Bridging (MEB) and progressing to a Monash University degree need to refer here.

Course completion

Course completion takes place once results are released for all Foundation Year students each semester.

Exiting Documents

Diplomas and Foundation Year

If you have successfully completed the course, you will receive a set of exit documents (i.e completion certificate and academic transcript) free of charge at the end of your course, post results release.

Our Student Administration team will email you with information on how to receive the documents within two working days from the time your exam results are published on WES.

For students who have yet to complete their course, you may purchase an academic transcript online:

Monash English

Students will receive a progress report by Friday of each term via email. You will also receive a certificate if you have completed the length of studies indicated on your offer letter. Your certificate will be distributed at class in the last week of your course.


Students will receive a certificate at the end of the five-week course.

Monash English Bridging

Students will be notified of the outcome of the assessments in the last week of their course. You will also receive a set of exit documents including a certificate (if you are qualified) and an academic transcript in the last week of your course from your class teacher.

If you are not available to collect your exit documents in person, the Student Administration Team will email you the alternative ways of receiving them.