Welcome to the Monash College Library

Open: Monday - Friday  7:00 - 19:00, Saturday and Sunday 8:00 - 18:00.

The Monash College Library is a welcoming space for all College students and staff. It provides a range of activities, and physical and online resources to support academic learning, research literacy and language development. It houses a collection of reference and reading materials to foster a love for reading; an essential skill for success at university.

The Monash College Library provides a range of spaces where you can study quietly or work in groups. You can also use the Monash College Library for the following activities:

  • To participate in a Library Orientation session
  • To borrow a book, read a magazine or catch up on the daily news
  • To meet with a peer mentor
  • To participate in a small or large group workshop focused on developing your academic, research and/or language skills
  • To meet with a Librarian for support with your research skills
  • To consult with a Learning Skills Adviser
  • To print, scan or copy a document
  • To charge your device