Diploma of Arts

The Diploma of Arts is your pathway to an Arts degree at Monash. If you're inspired by new ideas, social and political issues, language and the way literature history and communication shapes our world, then our Diploma of Arts could be for you.

Hear about the Diploma of Arts

How the program works

Our diplomas are offered in two parts: part 1 and part 2. In part 1, you’ll study core Arts subjects to prepare you for your chosen stream. In part 2, you’ll choose your specialisation and study the same subjects as first‑year University students.

  • Psychology stream – for students who would like to complete a major in Psychology or Criminology.
  • Sociology stream – for students who would like to major in Arts or Global Studies or Politics, Philosophy and Economics.
  • Media communication stream – for students who would like to major in Media Communication or Digital Media and Communication.


  • essays
  • group projects
  • presentations
  • research papers
  • a final exam

Course information

Destination 2nd year arts at Monash University
AQF LevelLevel 5


Mode of studyOn campus
Duration Part 1: 9 months
Part 2: 9 months
Intakes February, June and October
Study area Specialist: Sociology, Psychology, or Media communication
Want to study an arts and education double degree? Find out how
What you will study Part 1: complete 8 core units
Part 2: complete 6 core units and 2 electives
Contact hours 5–7 hours per unit, per week
Prerequisites English
What it costs See our dates and fees page for details.
CRICOS Course Code061625F

"Studying at Monash College has broadened my knowledge in global politics as well as history, professional writing and media. The teachers have been absolutely incredible and helpful throughout my journey. ”


Course structure and units

Trimester 1: 4 monthsTrimester 2: 4 months
MCD1350 Media Studies A: Australian Screen Culture
MCD1560 Introduction to Journalism
MCD1570 Introduction to Academic Writing
MCD1110 Data Analysis
MCD1360 Media Studies B: Mass Communication and the Modern World
MCD1540 Intercultural Business Communication
MCD1580 Introduction to Psychology
MCD1590 The Modern World

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Trimester 1: Four months Trimester 2: Four months
MCD6010 Academic Writing
MCD6020 Media and Culture
MCD6090 International Studies: Origins of Globalisation
MCD6120 Introduction to Sociology (Sociology stream)
MCD6080 Psychology 1A (Psychology stream)
MCD6150 Media Challenges (Media Stream) 
MCD6040 Professional Writing
MCD6050 Communications and Society
MCD6130 International Studies: Challenges of Globalisation
MCD6140 Big Ideas for Better Futures (Sociology stream)
MCD6110 Psychology 1B (Psychology stream)
MCD6160 Communicating in the Digital Era (Media Stream)

Download the Diploma of Arts Unit Guide

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What careers can a Diploma of Arts lead you to?

Social policy
International relations