Jakarta International College, (JIC)

Choosing where you will complete your tertiary education is one of the most important decisions of your life. Monash College pathway programs are offered in Jakarta to help students making this decision easier and more efficient. As participants of these pathway programs, JIC's students are given the  unique  opportunity to begin their world-class education at home following an identical curriculum as their peers in Melbourne, and then continue their study to Monash University campus of their choice. You have all chosen the right first step by joining us in Jakarta. We welcome you all!

Fransisca Laij
Academic Director at JIC

Choosing JIC

JIC has been delivering Monash College programs since 2002 and has proven to be a provider that produces good academic results. JIC uses the same curriculum and course materials as Monash College Australia, ensures students receive the same high level of education, with the added benefit that students  can  study and live at home.

The transition from school to college or university is demanding, especially if it involves another language and culture. At JIC, we understand these challenges and offer a quality program and a supported learning environment to our students.

By starting with JIC, we will help unlock students' true potential and at the same time, connect students with the world-class universities.

Campus and facilities

Our city campus is located in Graha Mandiri, Menteng - one of Jakarta's most prestigious and safest areas. The campus is easily accessed by public transportation and is within walking distance of high-end shopping malls, five-star hotels, upscale residential areas and notable fine dining restaurants.

JIC has various sized classrooms for lectures, presentations, group discussions and personal tutorial sessions with multimedia projectors and audio-video facilities. JIC also has a dedicated computer laboratory with more than 25 computers to access online resources or conduct internet research.

JIC's library is located on-campus and equipped with business related magazines, daily national and regional newspapers and textbooks for each subjects.

The student lounge is fitted with television sets, home theatre equipment, DVD players, fussball and ping-pong tables. Healthy snacks and drinks are offered to students free-of-charge.

Live close to campus

Students accommodations are available near the campus within walking distance, fully furnished, equipped with internet connection, and 24 hours security.

JIC campus is also accessible by bus rapid transit (BRT) system called TransJakarta. It was the first bus rapid transit system in South and Southeast Asia. TransJakarta was designed to provide Jakarta citizens with a fast public transportation system to help reduce rush hour traffic.

To find out more about the JIC pathway programs, visit their Pathways to Australia page.