Media and Social Media

Any statement made on behalf of the College, or could reasonably be interpreted as such, may only be made by an official spokesperson. If a media request is received that concerns the College, please direct the request to the Strategic Communications and Marketing team

Social media

Social media plays an important role in connecting our online community at the College:

  • Learning: You can use platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and WhatsApp as part of online learning.
  • Personal use of social media: You can connect with other students using your personal account on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Weibo and WeChat.

When using social media (whether it’s for college or personal use), it’s important to consider that what you post or share reflects on Monash. Content published or shared by staff or students on social media must comply with the Monash University and College policies and procedures.

Concerning behaviour on social media

Concerns about the behaviour of another student on social media must be referred to Student Services

We encourage you to check out the below policies and procedures: