English language requirements

You will meet the English language requirements if:

  • You have completed Australian Year 11 or
  • Your Australian Year 11 equivalent program was taught in English and you achieved satisfactory grades in your English language subjects.

Alternatively, you will need to meet the minimum score in one of these English tests.

Are you from Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia or Singapore?

If you achieve the English score detailed in the Alternative English language entry requirement for your Australian Year 11 equivalent qualification, you do not need an IELTS test result to start foundation year.

Do you need help meeting the English language requirement?

If you complete the required level of our Monash English program, and you can enter foundation year. The length of your English studies will depend on your current level of English.

If you do not have a recent recognised test result, you can complete the Monash English Placement Test to enter Monash English.