Skills for employability

Along with your studies, one of the key areas to start focusing on is to start developing your employability skills.

What are employability skills?

Employability skills are the skills, experiences and attributes that students develop to help them prepare for their career. They are in addition to technical, job-specific skills and are more general.

Being able to demonstrate your employability skills will make you stand out in the job market. Employers are looking for graduates who have developed personal and professional skills while studying, so it is important that you start focusing on employability skills from the start of your study journey.

Nine key employability skills

Monash University has identified nine key employability skills you’ll need to develop to ensure career success.

How can you focus on your employability skills?

Monash College has a range of resources and opportunities for you to develop your employability skills.

For example:

  • Attend employability workshops and other events
  • Get involved in a part time job or volunteering opportunities

The Monash University Student Futures platform will help you get involved in Monash life, develop key employability skills and get career-ready.

You can use Student Futures to:

  • Find opportunities to develop the skills employers need
  • Track and reflect on your progress
  • Prepare for job applications and interviews