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Sunway College, Kuala Lumpur


Sunway College Kuala Lumpur, has been a provider of the Foundation Year pathway program since 1999. Foundation Year students are taught by a team of dedicated and experienced teachers, with the added benefit of studying close to home.

Upon completing Foundation Year at Sunway College (KL), the students who meet the prerequisites and entry requirements will be eligible to study an undergraduate degree at Monash University in Australia or Malaysia.

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Campus information

Sunway College K.L. occupies 22 acres of prime land in Bandar Sunway, near the Malaysian capital. The campus is fully-equipped with academic, hostel, sports and recreational facilities and is one of the largest private institutions in Malaysia.

The campus offers wifi that covers classrooms, lecture halls, cafeteria, library, student concourse and other open areas, making it ideal for students to engage in electronic learning, discussion and communication.

Sunway College also offers on campus accommodation within a 5-10 minute walk from your classes.

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For more information about the Foundation Year pathway at Sunway College, please visit their webpage.

To find out more about the accommodation options at Sunway College, please visit their accommodations page.