Diploma of Business

The Diploma of Business is your first step towards completing your Monash Business or Commerce degree. You’ll learn how to work independently, think critically and make analytical decisions, while being introduced to the business concepts and theory you'll need for University.

Hear about the Diploma of Business

How the program works

You can choose your area of specialisation from day one – better preparing you for your Monash degree. There are two streams to choose between:

  • Business stream – popular with students who are interested in a Business degree majoring in banking and finance, marketing or accounting. Students are also able to choose a specialist degree such as a Bachelor of International Business where they will learn to operate in international business settings and gain the skills required to do business in different countries and environments.
  • Commerce stream – requires a higher level of mathematics and leads to majors in areas such as economics, finance, actuarial studies and accounting.

In part 2 you’ll study the same subjects as first-year University students and develop your specialist knowledge of business or commerce.


  • business reports
  • class presentations
  • regular tests
  • group assignments
  • a final exam

Course information

Destination 2nd year business or commerce at Monash University
AQF Level Level 5


Mode of study On campus
Duration Part 1: 9 months
Part 2: 9 months
Intakes February, June and October
Study area Specialist: Business or Commerce
Want to study a business or commerce and education double degree? Find out how
What you will study Part 1: complete 8 core units
Part 2: complete 6 core units and 2 electives
Contact hours 5 hours per unit, per week
Prerequisites English and Mathematics
What it costs See our dates and fees page for details.
CRICOS Course Code 043633M

"Monash College helps prepare me to pursue my dream job as a financial analyst. I received a lot of great advice from my teachers to help shape my future.”


Course structure and units

Trimester 1: 4 months Trimester 2: 4 months
MCD1010 Accounting for Business
MCD1020 Introduction to Management
MCD1110 Data Analysis
MCD1690 Introductory Economics
MCD1090 Introduction to Marketing
MCD1380 Introductory Law
MCD1540 Intercultural Business Communication
MCD1550 Introductory Mathematics for Business (Business stream) OR
MCD1230 Applied Mathematics (Commerce stream)

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Part 2

Trimester 1: 4 months Trimester 2: 4 months
MCD2020 Microeconomics
MCD2080 Business Statistics
MCD2040 Managing People and Organisations
MCD2050 Marketing 1: Theory
and Practice
MCD2070 Business Law
MCD2170 Foundations of Finance
And one of:
MCD2150 Accounting for Managers
MCD2160 Introduction to Financial Accounting
And one of:
MCD2090 Macroeconomics
MCD2030 Managerial Communication
MCD2110 Marketing 2: Buyer Behaviour
MCD2140 Business Mathematics (Business stream)
MCD2130 Functions and their Applications (Commerce stream)      

Download the Diploma of Business Unit Guide

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