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At Monash College, we specialise in teaching English to international students. We are passionate about helping you get into the course of your dreams.

Our English courses are designed to help you get into Monash College and Monash University. You’ll learn the Monash style of teaching so you will be prepared for your future studies. Plus, you can enjoy living in Melbourne, one of the world’s most liveable cities.

Why study English at Monash College?

Specialist English teachers

Our teachers are experts in English, and understand it can be hard to learn a new language. They’ve helped thousands of students from around the world to improve their English skills in preparation for university. They will give you lots of feedback to help you prepare for your Monash course.

Get ready for your Monash course

You’ll learn the reading, listening, speaking and writing skills you need for your Monash studies. You’ll also adjust to the Australian way of teaching before your course starts.

Enjoy Melbourne

The best place to study English is in an English-speaking country. Welcome to Melbourne – one of the world’s most liveable cities! Enjoy the lifestyle of museums, cafes, restaurants, shopping, sport, beautiful beaches and parks. Here, you can practise your English every day. Talk to friends, teachers, or people at the shops. You’ll learn new words on TV, in advertising, or by listening to the conversations around you.

Our English courses

Monash English Introductory Academic Program
Who should enter? This course will improve your academic and English language skills for entry into foundation year, diplomas or Monash University.  A short course to improve your English, critical thinking, and self-directed study skills, giving you the best start at university. 
Campus Docklands Docklands 
Duration 10–40 weeks 5 weeks
English requirementMinimum IELTS 4.5 Full offer to Monash University
Contact hours 20 hours per week + 15 hours independent study 20 hours per week + 15 hours independent study
Start dates Nine courses per year Courses start before university semesters
Find out more Find out more 

Not sure which English course to choose?

Don’t worry. The course that is right for you depends on your current English skills and the entry requirements for your Monash course. After you’ve applied, we’ll send you an offer for the course that you need. If you are applying to Monash and you don't have a current IELTS/TOEFL/Pearson test results, you can take the Duolingo test to complete your application.


Meet our graduates

Student support

English Jenni Coster with student 02

We are here to support you during your English studies!

  • Access online learning materials to practise outside of class.
  • Attend academic and language development workshops to develop the skills you learn.
  • Receive an individual learning plan developed with your English teachers.
  • Be supported by peer mentors and learning advisors in our Learning Hub.
  • Study with students from all over the world. You can practise your English with your new friends.
  • Get involved in clubs and events during your studies such as the Gaming Club, Lunar New Year, Harmony Day or a trip to the footy!

Please come and talk to us about your studies. We want to make sure you do your best at Monash College!

Jenni Coster
Director, English