Fees, scholarships and financial support

It is important that you and those paying for your Monash College course understand all of the costs associated with your studies.

Your tuition fees are the main cost of study, plus there are extra things you may need to pay for such as books and study guides, calculators and photocopying.

There are also the costs of living in Australia, and possibly away from your family. You also need to consider other expenses such as health cover for international students.

Foundation Year tuition fees

Details of your Foundation Year tuition fees and additional fees can be found here

Diploma tuition fees

Details of your Diploma tuition fees and additional fees can be found here

English tuition fees

Details of your English tuition fees and additional fees can be found here

Additional fees apply for English Language Courses.

Pay your fees

Check your Fees Statement via Web Enrolment System or your Monash email account.

Course fee payment extension

You can get a fees payment extension for the semester if you:

  • apply before your census date
  • have serious financial difficulties
  • are paying full fees
  • do not owe any fees from the previous semester/teaching period when you apply
  • you must not have been previously Invalidated or defaulted in payment plans

You will not qualify if:

  • it is your first semester
  • your fees are fully sponsored
  • you're encumbered
  • you're an English Language student.


Student must contact our Fees & Sponsorships Coordinator by emailing mcfees.sponsorships@monashcollege.edu.au

Mention on your email reasons for not being able to pay on time, any documents/ evidence to support the reasons, if it’s possible to make an initial payment (preferably half of the total tuition fee), expected date when the full payment can be cleared.

Fees Coordinator will then review your request & contact you to set up a meeting to discuss further.

When a payment extension/ plan is approved you will be required to sign a contract.

Relevant policy

Student Fees Policy (pdf, 0.12 mb)


Please review our refund policy

In the unlikely event Monash College closes or is unable to deliver your course, domestic student tuition fees are guaranteed by the Australian Government tuition assurance arrangements. A detailed statement of Monash College tuition assurance exemption is available here. International students are protected by the Australia Government’s Tuition Protection Service to ensure they receive an alternative suitable course or a refund.


All prospective international students applying for a Monash College and Monash University packaged course will automatically be assessed for the Pathway to Victoria Scholarship.

Monash College International and Domestic students can apply for these Monash University scholarships:

  • Monash International Merit Scholarship
  • Monash Business School International Pathways Scholarships (Applicable to Foundation Year students only).

Diplomas and Foundation Year International and Domestic students can apply for these Monash College scholarships:

  • Monash College Equity Scholarship
  • Humanitarian Scholarship
  • Information Technology Indigenous Merit Scholarship
  • Monash Support Scholarship
  • Information Technology Indigenous Scholarship for Equity

Find out further scholarship information and how to apply