Apply for intermission

You may wish to apply to take a period of leave from your enrolled course. This is known as ‘intermission’. Intermission is subject to approval based on compassionate or compelling grounds only, and supporting documentation and/or evidence is necessary when lodging an Intermission application. Foundation Year and Diploma students also need to be aware of their Census Dates when applying.

An international student can apply for up to 12 months' intermission; however, you must apply before the relevant semester or trimester Census Date to avoid financial penalty. If your complete intermission application is received after the Census Date, you will still need to pay for the current semester or trimester.

To avoid academic penalties, you must also apply for your intermission before the Academic Penalty Date of the relevant semester or trimester.

You cannot apply for intermission once the relevant teaching period has ended until the exam results are released.

How to apply

To apply for intermission you’ll need to:

  • Know your intermission start and end dates. If you are unsure, you can discuss it with your Head of Studies or Learning Skills Adviser.
  • Complete an Application for Intermission form (find the Intermission form here, choose the correct form according to your program)
  • Supply supporting documentation or evidence (e.g. medical certificate)
  • Notify your sponsor of your intention if you are a sponsored student.
  • Make an appointment to meet with your Head of Studies (English, Foundation Year and Diploma students) to discuss your Intermission and submit the application.

Your Head of Studies will assess your application and make a decision about whether your application is approved. The decision will be communicated to Student Admin, and we will, in turn, advise you of the outcome via email.