Student clubs

Please note that Monash College has temporarily closed all physical campuses to students and staff until further notice due to COVID-19. For more information, please visit our COVID-19 page

All of the recreation programs, clubs and workshops have been replaced to virtual activities. For more information about the virtual activities, please visit our COVID-19 page.

The following clubs are now taking place weekly via zoom:

  • Arts and Crafts club
  • Cooking club
  • Cultural Exchange club
  • Music club
  • Basketball club

Please see here for more information about these virtual clubs, and how you can get involved.

Clubs are a great way to get to know other people who share your interests. There are clubs for practicing your hobbies, exploring new interests or keeping fit.

Would you like to start, facilitate or provide an idea for a new Monash College Student Club? If successful, your new club may receive funding towards your first or concurrent events.

Monash College club activities are restricted between the days of Monday - Friday and are to only take place on a Monash College campus. Monash College is not responsible for any activities taken outside of these times and locations.

For more information, please visit the recreation website

To see the list of Monash University student run clubs, societies and groups, please visit the website