Part time and casual jobs

One of the many advantages of studying in Australia is that international students with the approved student visa are able to work part-time/casually while completing their studies. You might be thinking about finding a job but it can be quite overwhelming if it is your first time working here.

'Guide to Starting a New Job' published by the Fair Work Ombudsman is a useful source of information for new job seekers in preparation for your first part-time job. The guide is also available in different languages or you can contact them on 13 13 94.

The guide contains tips that will help you get ready for your new job. It helps to:

  • explain your work rights
  • prepare you for your first day
  • explain the rules about unpaid work
  • provide tips on getting the most out of your new job

Note: If you already have a job, the Fair Work Ombudsman provides a tool for you to make sure you are being paid the right amount. You can calculate base pay rates, allowances and penalty rates including overtime using the Pay Calculator.

Additional information can be found online if you are working part-time/casual in the:

How do you find job opportunities?

Employment websites:

You can also find jobs by:

  • Volunteering – meet potential employers during a volunteering activity. The organisation itself could be open to hiring.
  • Searching for specific companies - look online for the websites of organisations you would like to work for, and search their careers or jobs section.
  • Cold calling – visit places of employment in person. Present yourself neatly, introduce yourself and submit a resume with cover letter.
  • Networking – ask friends and family about contacts they can introduce you to.

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Preparing Job Applications


Your Resume is a marketing document that includes your education, volunteering and work experience, skills, and accomplishments. Your resume is your first chance to make a good impression.

In your resume you should aim at showing the employer that you have the relevant skills and experience required to perform in the role you are applying for.

Your resume should be professional, clear, follow an easy to read format and be tailored to the role you are applying for. This will allow the employer to review your resume in a timely manner and find the information they need in order to make a decision whether to progress your application.

Visit College Connect to get access to the Resume Writing Toolkit. The toolkit includes the following documents:

  • Resume template
  • Good resume example
  • Bad resume example
  • Resume tips
  • Action words
  • Watch a video to hear what employers are looking for

Cover Letters

A cover letter is usually a key part of the application process and explains why you are applying for the job. It should demonstrate your enthusiasm and summarise your skills, abilities and relevant experience that matches the job requirements. The cover letter is an opportunity to personalise your application and make a great impression.

Being clear about your motivations, skill set and what you can bring to the role will help you write a great Cover Letter.

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Interview Skills

The first part of finding a part time or casual job is completing the application process. If you get invited in for an interview, that’s great news! Congratulations for taking a step forward in the job searching process.

The purpose of an interview is to demonstrate to the employer that you have the right skills, strengths, attitude and qualifications to succeed in the role.

At Monash College, we have put together tips for how to prepare for your interview, tips for during the interview and a range of questions to practice.

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