Student leadership programs

Student leaders

A great way to be involved in Monash College life and develop your skills is to become a student leader.

As a student leader you will work closely with the Student Engagement team across a variety of College activities including:

  • event planning and promotion
  • assisting with Orientation and helping new students and parents
  • attending student leaders’ meetings
  • participating in workshops and training
  • collaborating with student engagement staff in a professional and timely manner

To find out more about joining the Student Leadership Program please check out more information here OR you can email the Student Engagement team from your Monash student email account with your student ID:

Peer mentors

Note: The Peer Mentoring program applies to Foundation Year only in 2022

Assisting students to become better at managing their own learning.
Mentors assisted in:

  • Subject-based 'drop-in' mentoring sessions
  • Orientation sessions and learning skills workshops
  • Subject classes
  • Monash English talks
  • Promotion activities

To find out more about joining the Peer Mentor Program, please reach out to a Learning Skills adviser.